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"I Can't Lose Weight. What am I Doing Wrong?"

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Grab your magnifying glass and Sherlock hat because it's time for a bit of Diet Sleuthing...

If you've been watching your daily diet and your weight loss scales appear viciously resistant, let's try to sleuth-out the culprit. There's nothing as frustrating as doing everything possible to drop pounds to see zero results.

Weight Loss Takes Time to Register on the Scales

Right now, we are in the foes of summer - but not Mother Nature. While summer thrives, she is busy creating the new autumn. Even if we look closely, we are unable to see the subtle changes that are occurring minute-by-minute. Such is weight loss.

While dieting, it takes a while for the body to process all the good foods and beverages that we're putting into it, as well as our healthier level of activity.

Unless it has been 2 weeks without a budge in your weight, try to be patient. If you're doing all the right things and it's been more than 2 weeks since you've experienced a drop in weight, you may be stranded on the notorious Weight Loss Plateau. If this is the case, these articles may be of help:

Conquering the Weight Loss Plateau 

Weight Loss Plateau - Demon?  

Too Much Bacon Where Calories are Concerned

Although the body is complex in many ways, in the area of our weight it operates on a very simple process - energy in/energy out. Energy equals calorie intake, whether it's from the foods we eat or the beverages that we drink.

When we consume too many calories (too much energy), the body stores the excess, thus creating weight gain. Many things can be done to achieve weight loss, but the two factors that impact it the most are a decrease in calorie intake and an increase in activity level.

With this said, it's highly possible that when pounds aren't coming off that too many calories are going into the body. Time to pause and take a good look at the daily diet. Add up calories, measure out servings sizes - particularly beverages. Which brings us to the next Weight Loss Culprit.

As to activity level, raising such can kick the metabolism into high gear. So pull a few g's and get into some high-flying adventure and you just may see big weight loss results.

Beverages May Be Fatal to Your Diet

How many times do you go to the kitchen, grab a glass and fill it with your favorite beverage? Yes - me too! It's something that we all do. But do you ever ponder how much liquid that the glass holds?

One cup, two cups, three cups or more? If the glass holds three cups and you're drinking grape juice, that healthy tidbit is probably costing over 400 calories if it's the typical 160-calories per 8 ounce variety. Here are a few tips that may help:

- 1 cup equals 8 ounces

- Measure out 1 cup of water and pour into your favorite glass. This will provide an idea of how far you need to fill your glass for future needs.

- A smaller one-cup glass will make you feel like you're enjoying more as it can be filled to the rim.

- Opt for fruit over juice to save calories while dieting, as well as skim dairy products over full-blown. The added perk is an extra burst of calcium intake.

Smacking Snacks for Weight Loss

Those little candy jars that you may pass at work that reside on your thin-coworkers desk may be responsible for a stall in weight loss. Every little calorie adds up to create big calories. A small candy treat may contain up to 40 calories per pop. Enjoy 3 and you could have enjoyed a banana and a plum.

In Summary

Although weight loss plateaus are notorious for creating pockets of slow weight loss when dieting, an overage of calorie-consumption is typically the culprit. Keep close tabs on serving sizes - particularly beverages, and retain control when it comes to snack time. Get into the Great Outdoors and tell those stored calories to 'Burn Baby Burn!"

If these weight loss tips and suggestions do not appear to be the culprit of your stalled weight loss, please see your doctor as there are many hidden medical conditions that could be contributing factors.

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