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Bad Foods vs Good Foods
Simplifying Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Which foods are bad and which foods are good? Sometimes it's good to be naughty...

The battle between evil foods and saintly foods is really 'heating' up these days. Which foods should be placed on your Naughty Diet List? Cream-filled objects? Gravy? Butter? Mayo? Espresso?

Fact is, one can enjoyANY food in moderation without blowing their good health.

That doesn't mean we can waddle down a bucket of chicken fat while retaining the healthiest arteries in town. However, enjoying a donut or a cupcake or a spoon of gravy isn't likely to send one to an early grave.

What about all the scary info surrounding 'foods to avoid', 'foods that will kill ya', 'foods that are bad' AND 'don't ya dare eat this food because it's filled with only Diet-Bites-Knows-What!'? It's a bit of Daily Diet Sensationalism at its best, that's what.

A few more daily diet facts from Diet Bites regarding good foods and bad foods:

Just the Diet Facts, Ma'am

The gene pool rules when it comes to longevity.

It's why one individual can carve their way through a glass-display of donuts while never gaining a pound while another individual must count each and every calorie to achieve their recommended weight.

It's the reason why one individual can smoke 3 packs a day and never get out of breath until they reach the ripe old age of 100 while another can simply breathe in second-hand smoke and end up dying before their time.

The daily diet indeed supports our level of health and can extend our lives to some degree, but the old genes are the defining Victor.

- It's better to live a satisfying life filled with 'traditionally taboo treats enjoyed in moderation' rather than remain land-locked in the Sea of Diet Boredom while watching a crate of cupcakes floating continuously amid the Sea of Diet Desire.

What's life without a smear of tangy Mayo on a sandwich (our choice is Miracle Whip Light). What's life without a slice of warm bread spread with a tab of butter? What's life without enjoying a slice of pumpkin pie amid the holidays?

Moderation is the key to keeping potentially naughty foods, good.

Yes, it's true. It is we ourselves that turn good foods into bad foods.

ALL natural foods contain super powers when it comes to healthy benefits.

Salad dressings, gravy, fried foods - even fast food can fit into the daily diet when applied with MODERATION.

Strive to keep at least 85% of your diet focused on natural foods.

Diet Poem by Diet Bites

Don't eat this and don't eat that, for if you do, you'll surely get fat,

Clogged arteries, a set of swollen buns, wide hips & legs that just won't run.

This food is good for you & this one bad, this diet is good & that one's a fad.

But listen-up here & listen-up well, any food in moderation is simply swell.

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