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Adipex-P Oral

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Adipex Side Effects, Health Warnings, Benefits

Adipex-P Oral is the immediate release doctor-prescribed formula for Phentermine.

It is primarily used as an appetite suppressant to accomplish weight loss, particularly in those individuals at risk due to obesity who have unsuccessfully been able to accomplish weight loss through conventional methods, such as a reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise.

It is theorized that Adipex-P works to promote weight loss by the following effects:

- decreasing appetite

- increasing energy used by the body

- affecting areas within the brain

Adipex-P Oral Side Effects

Side effects of Adipex-P Oral may occur as with any drug, with some side effects becoming serious. However, there are circumstances in which the obese state of the individual supersedes potential side effects. Should you experience any of the following side effects while using Adipex-P Oral, get with your doctor:

- dizziness
- broken sleep
- dry mouth
- diarrhea or constipation
- nausea, including vomiting
- irritability
- a feeling of ill health

Serious side effects of Adipex-P Oral include:

- heart disturbances including a fast pulse, pounding heartbeat, irregular heartbeat
- rage
- hallucination
- extreme level of nervousness
- muscle spasms
- severe headache
- seizures
- slurred speech
- numbness of one side of body
- disturbances in vision, including blurred vision
- chest pain
- difficulty breathing
- swelling, particularly in lower extremities

Long Term and/or Permanent Side Effects of Adipex-P Oral include:

- heart damage, including heart valve damage
- pulmonary hypertension
- allergic reaction which may be accompanied by any of the following: rash, swelling (anywhere on body), itching, difficulty breath, dizziness
- death

Individuals who should not take Adipex-P Oral include those with the following conditions unless approved by a qualified doctor:

- pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breastfeeding
- those allergic to decongestants, stimulants or appetite suppressants
- glaucoma
- uncontrolled high blood pressure, including pulmonary hypertension
- history of vascular heart disease
- history of mental issues
- kidney disease (Adipex-P Oral is secreted via the kidneys)
- those on MAO inhibitors

As a note, caffeine which is commonly found in tea, coffee and chocolate may increase side effects.

In Summary

Adipex-P Oral may or may not be right for you. Only your doctor can decide which set of risk factors are safest for you. This article is in no way intended to take the advice of your qualified healthcare provider and is for supplemental information only.

Please get with your doctor for answers to any questions you may have about Adipex-P Oral.

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