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The Ketogenic Diet

Written by Diet Bites


Ketogenic Diet Based on Fat Burning vs Glucose

One would have to travel back far in time to get to the roots of this diet, almost 80 years to be exact.

The Ketogenic Diet concentrates on burning fats for energy needs rather than glucose - our body's typical body fuel.

Plan is Extremely High in Fat

To accomplish such, the Ketogenic Diet is a diet extremely high in fats (about 80%) and is combined with minimal carbohydrates and proteins.

Ketogenic Dieting for Seizures Related to Epilepsy

The Ketogenic Diet has proven successful in treating individuals (commonly children) experiencing seizures as occurs with epilepsy and should never be attempted without the close supervision of a qualified doctor.

The effectiveness of the diet is crucial to the accuracy of the measurements of the foods consumed. Given such, the diet begins with a trip to the hospital where the 24 hour fast begins.

Once the child enters the state of ketosis in which the body burns fat rather than glucose, the doctor administers the pre-measured foods that have been personalized for the patient.

How the Ketogenic Diet Works

Our bodies are capable of storing glucose for about 24 hours. Once our glucose reserves are depleted, the body burns stored fat for fuel.

Side Effects & Negatives of the Ketogenic Diet

- Kidney Stones

Diet Bites Food Pyramid

- Gall Stones

- Dehydration

- Constipation

- Decreased bone density

- Increased levels of fat in the blood

- Eye disorders

- Menstrual Irregularities

- Ketone levels must be closely monitored

- Vitamin supplements must be taken.

- Children may be emotionally effected by having to stick to a particular diet.

The Ketogenic Diet Requires Doctor Supervision

As a note, the Ketogenic Diet should only be attempted under the supervision of a qualified doctor and their recommendation. Generally, this diet is not advised unless medications aren't properly controlling the condition.

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