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 Why Are People Thin?

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The 'Diet Nanny' Section of Diet Bites.

The Key to Being Thin

Diet Nanny is often asked, "What makes certain people so thin?"

A big part of thinness is the daily diet that one pursues. One of the keys is to choose foods within the official food groups that are lowest in calories, offer the most nutrition for your calorie and fat intake, and that taste great. And yes, that can be challenging.

Let's review a few examples of this key. These are just a handful of examples to show how choosing wisely from the food groups keeps a body healthier and thinner.

Protein Group, Healthy Choices for Weight Loss

In the Protein Food Group - we have the sub-group, 'Meat'. Other sub-groups include eggs, nuts, legumes and seeds - but for now, let's concentrate on animal protein.

Now, one doesn't need meat in order to live kingly, but most people do like meat.

In the meat sub-group, fish tends to be the lowest in fat and calories and holds many heart-healthy benefits because many species of fish are natural in Omega-3's that work to reduce cholesterol levels.

So in order to trim calories without trimming nutritional values from your eating plan, opting for a serving of pan-roasted fish - like flounder can save calories and fatty acids over a fatty steak or a fried pork chop or beefy enchiladas.

Vegetable & Dairy Group Tips for Weight Loss

In the Vegetable group, cucumbers and carrots are lower in calories than corn - so they would be the best choices for a low calorie diet over the corn.

In the dairy group, skim milk and fat-free milk will cost you less calories than whole milk. The regular whole variety contains about 150-160 calories per one cup serving while the skim, only 80-110 calories, depending upon the brand purchased.

Healthy Fruit Tips for a Thin Body

When we look at the Fruit Group we see that ALL the selections within this group are super-healthy, and all can be considered as 'super foods'.

Fruits With Highest & Lowest Calories

The lower calorie fruits include: lemons, limes, watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries, papayas, peaches, kumquats, apricots, plums and kiwi. All of these fruits contain about 50 calories per cup.

The higher calorie fruits which contain 75 to about 100 calories per cup include: mangos, bananas, apples, pears, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and pineapple.

Monitoring Daily Diet for Thin-Body Results

Have you been bad where your eating plan is concerned?  If so, you probably have not seen the numbers on your bathroom scales recede, have you? In fact, you may have experienced a weight gain. An increase in fat stems from these unfortunate overages.

So fine. You've been bad.

The question is, "Will you continue to be bad OR would you like to lose all that unwanted weight once and for all? Would you like a thinner body? A leaner, healthier body?" It's a decision of a lifetime - and a decision that only YOU can make.

I've known individuals who have been on a revolving diet for over thirty years - no thinner now, than then.  

For those thirty long years, they spent their time dieting and/or worrying about being overweight - about how being larger than their recommended size effected their health, their looks, their self-esteem, and even their careers.

So it's up to you. You can continue on the same eating path - for years on end should you please OR you can lose those unnecessary pounds and flush your days of dieting down the drain forever.

I wish that I could lose the weight for you - but things just don't work like that. The good news is that I'll be here to encourage you to stick with your diet and achieve weight loss success.


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