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Tasty Weight Loss Plan

Written by Diet Bites

Bored With Dieting? We Have Tips to Overcome!

If you are becoming bored with your diet, odds are, you'll soon be off your diet plan and skipping happily onto the Trail of Diet Destruction - and on into the Land of Milk and Honey Buns.  

That's what happens when dieters get bored. And we don't want that to happen to you, do we?  

Here are Diet Nanny's most valuable diet tips for bored dieters....

Get un-bored (or onboard!) with your diet - and do it quickly!  How so?

Controlled Splurges to Keep on Track With Your Diet

If you find yourself continually looking back into the Land of Milk and Honey Buns, then consider allowing yourself one " Let Your Hair Down Meal" per week. Make it Saturday or Sunday - or a day where life is carefree and stress free.  

Caveat: Allowing yourself to go amuck for one meal per week is one thing BUT if you are not strong-willed towards achieving your fitness goals - you could fall off of your boogie board into the choppy waters and be sucked into the Land of Milk and Honey Buns.

Keep Focused on Getting Fit

Remind yourself that being fit and healthy should be your healthy goal. Time will help you discard that unnecessary weight. Be patient.

Keeping Foods as Healthy as Possible

Healthy foods start out healthy but may end up as life-scarring entrees. Example: healthy okra - when fried turns into a flailing pit of healthy woes.

Weight Loss Has to Taste as Good as it Feels

Feeling like you are trapped in Rice Cake Jail?  It happens to the best of 'we dieters'. If this sounds familiar, you may need to rethink your current eating plan.

Dieting isn't easy BUT it doesn't have to be miserable. Yes, those hunger pains aren't fun - nor is not being able to eat as much of your favorite goodies as you'd like.  

Pounds sometimes take a long time to unload - but with patience, they WILL drop off. Therefore, if you are feeling like you're diet is leaving you wanting more, find an eating plan that will allow you a more satisfying menu while still allowing for unhealthy fat loss.  

I can assure you that even though losing weight is very difficult, the feeling that you experience when you drop those excess pounds far outweighs the feeling that you got when you once enjoyed eating all that you wanted of your favorite goodies.

Diet Nanny's Calories in Fatty Sweet Foods

Food Selections


Doughnuts, yeast-leavened, glazed, enriched includes honey buns - 1 medium size

240 +

Doughnuts, cake-type, plain includes unsugared, old-fashioned, based on 1 medium


Cookies, chocolate chip, refrigerated dough, baked - 1 cookie


Sweet rolls, cinnamon, refrigerated dough with frosting, baked - 1 roll


Cookies, sugar, refrigerated dough, baked - 1 cookie


Cookies, vanilla sandwich with creme filling - 1 cookie


Therefore, choose your sweetie wisely and allow for the calories, sugar and fat in your daily menu.  Additional weight loss tip:  Cutting sweets out of your diet equals fast weight loss results.  Downside: It's not easy for every dieter to accomplish!

Diet Nanny Q & A - Diet Nanny's sage advice relating to dieting and weight loss....


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