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Questions From Nirvana: When you lose weight,what happens to your stretch marks? I have a lot of them and it's disgusting. I'm also overweight and I need to lose 65-75 pounds.

Also, should I tell my mom that I'm going on a diet? I would like to tell her, but I'm a bit embarrassed.

In a way she's overweight too, but I don't think she wants to lose weight. I want to lose weight to be stronger, healthier, and to be able to fit in all my clothes again that I can't wear at the moment.

The thing that is holding me back, is that my mom buys a lot junk food.

We barely have anything healthy in our house. I will need a lot of support. I know that it will be a lot months to lose this weight. I'm prepared to do anything.

Sometimes I can go outside and take a walk. I took a walk last week and had the best time because I was bored, it was hot weather and I had nothing else to do.

I know that you should exercise 4-5 days a week, but I can't keep myself motivated enough.

Most of the time, I just want to sleep all day. And whenever I'm taking a nap, I tell myself that I will exercise, but then I get so tired that I just want to give up so soon.

My main two questions are: 1. How should I tell my mom that I'm going on a diet? 2. How can I get and keep motivated enough to exercise? Thanks for help with any answers or suggestions!


Nirvana, let's see if we can find some answers to your questions.  We'll take them one at a time.

Q. When you lose weight, what happens to your stretch marks?  

A. Unfortunately, they will never leave you 'naturally'- but they will definitely fade into smaller lines with time.

There are medical procedures that can reduce and possibly erase stretch marks - such as laser treatments. There are also creams that may help erase stretch marks to a degree. Vitamin E cream may also be effective in this area - again, to a degree.

Q. Should I tell my mom that I'm going on a diet?  

A.  Definitely YES!  Although dealing with parents may be an annoyance at times, you are under their care and guidance.  

Most parents will do most anything to protect their offspring. Their love generates a protective instinct. There may be a reason why you shouldn't diet OR your parent may offer great support in your weight loss efforts. Above all else, parents want the best for their kids.  

Q. How should I tell my mom that I'm going on a diet?  

A. Nirvana, I would suggest that you begin by telling your mom that you are very tired, and that you have an urge to sleep a lot. If you felt better after your walk, that is a very good sign that your tiredness may be connected to the weight.

BUT, if you still felt tired after the exercise OR if the exercise may you feel even more tired, that could signal that something other than the need to lose weight and requires attention from your doctor.

So get with your mom and share all your questions, as well as your weight concerns. I believe that you'll find a true champion in the process.

Nirvana, please note that only your doctor or health provider is qualified to make recommendations regarding your health, including weight issues.

So again, I highly urge you to get with your mom and schedule a visit with your doctor. Thank you for writing and good luck in everything that you do!


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