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Diet Tips for Cucumbers

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Cucumbers, Not Just for Dieting

What do the following situations involving dieters have in common?  

Winston is searching for a yummy snack low in fat and calories.

Paul is looking for a cool and refreshing dip for his fresh vegetables.

Jane is searching for something to cool her tired eyes.

Charles is wanting help with mild water retention because he consumed too much sodium for lunch in the commercially, reduced calorie pizza.

So, have you guessed what food might be the answer to all these problems? Yes, you guessed correctly! The glorious cucumber.

Benefits & Uses for Cucumbers

Here is how this super food can work to add comfort and joy to your day:

Cucumber Calories

Winston can eat low calorie cucumber to his heart's content because they are exceptionally minimal in calories. One cup of sliced cucumber contains about 16 skinny calories with the peeling in tact, and only 14 when peeled.

He may wish to consider slicing it into thin rings and dipping it in a bit of low calorie ranch dressing.

Quick, Easy Recipe for Cucumber Dip

Paul may have a tangy dip recipe for Winston to use. A bit of pulsated cucumber (without the peel), added to a light ranch dressing creates a tasty tango of flavors.

Cucumber for Relieving and Soothing Irritated Eyes

Jane can cool her tired eyes with a couple of thin cucumber slices. She can leave the peelings on these if she wishes for a more elegant look <wink>.

Cucumber is Excellent for Remedying Water Retention

Charles may achieve relief for his water retention by eating a few slices of cucumber.

Commercial Diet Plans OR Sharks?

There you are....standing mercilessly in the water - a healthy banana wrapped inside your little hand. Out from nowhere appears a shark - lurking, feeding, hunting for your pocketbook. Who says that dieting isn't expensive?












Beware of promises that guarantee instant or miraculous weight loss, particularly those which claim that one only need to consume or use their pill or potion in order to accomplish such. These types of sharks can snap up your pocketbook quicker than an ant can sugar.

Dieting Temptation

You think this looks hot, you should see my forked tail.

See that little red fork clutched in Temptation's hand?  

This fork holds only bad, unhealthy foods such as donuts, cakes topped with cream cheese icing, triple cheese-triple meat pizzas and loaded-meat-loaded-cheese burgers.

Temptation ALWAYS strikes at a dieter's most vulnerable moment.

Temptation tends to visit late in the evenings, just before beddy-bye.

Temptation may even visit while the dieter is at the movies. It is at this point when Temptation smells of fluffy hot-buttered popcorn.

Beware of Temptation when attempting to lose unwanted pounds, particularly late in the day as this can be the most damaging time because of the lack of opportunity to burn off energy as efficiently as occurs earlier in the day.


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