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Being Good & Eating Healthy - Dieting is Tough

Dieter Donna was completely surrounded! The church social was packed high with cakes, pies, cookies and Sister Edna's homemade baked beans lined one end of the long table.  

How oh how would she be able to refuse all the tempting goodies?

Brother Ben's ice cream punch looked good enough to bathe in; the triple chocolate cake that had been a contribution of the Sisterhood was the centerpiece of the table, but Donna was tempted by the supreme nachos.

They were at a 'fix them as you like them' section of the eating area and Donna liked lots of cheese on her nachos.

But miraculously, a sudden thought struck her like a bolt from out of the blue!

Sure, there were a lot of tempting, delicious-looking goodies spaced about the area.

She had smartly brought a large bowl of salad and some roasted chicken - just in case the food selections were too high in calories to fit comfortable into her healthy eating plan. She suddenly knew exactly what she wanted and what she was going to do.  

Tips to Avoid Temptation While Dieting

Here is what she did to overcome temptation:

She enjoyed a lot of her low calorie, low fat salad; a small piece of roasted chicken without the skin and a small slice of the yummy chocolate cake for dessert. She forgot all about those cheesy nachos after she ate her roasted chicken.

We am delighted to say that Donna went on to accomplish all of her weight loss and fitness goals. Three years later, and she is fitter than ever. 

And every now and then, she still enjoys a slice of yummy chocolate cake as well as a few cheesy nachos.

So yes, you can have your cake and nachos and eat them too.



Choose Light & Reduced Fat Salad Dressings for Weight Loss Results

Visiting 'the ranch' [dressing & dips, that is] while attempting to lose weight can cost big in the area of calories.

Those tiny tubs and packets that often accompany fast food salads and chicken tenders can contain about 200 calories - more than the salad in its natural state.

While reduced versions can save energy values, often they have an 'off-putting' texture and flavor.

A healthy alternative are the balsamic vinegar-based dressings. I always try to arrive at the restaurant prepared and if I know they don't have my balsamic-raspberry or strawberry dressing on the menu, I take along a small amount to add to my salad.


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