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Constipation & Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Dietary Fiber for Combating Constipation

Add more fiber to your diet in the form of cereals, beans, nuts, edible seeds, grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Be sure to check the box for fiber information before purchasing the product.

Foods rich in dietary fiber work to sweep toxins from the body more rapidly than foods missing this element.

If the diet is mined with cheese, dips, most chips, and ice cream. the lack of fiber will causes these foods to stall in the gut.

Ample Fluids to Fight Constipation Issues

Be certain that you are taking in ample fluids throughout the day.

When adequate fluids are combined with a daily diet rich in dietary fiber, the body is at lower risk of experiencing sluggish bowel issues.

Activity & Exercise Keep the Gut Moving Freer

If you are dormant, your intestines mirror that.  Make an effort to move, and they'll move as well.  

Try incorporating a brisk walk in the morning and evening. Or think about joining a local fitness center or gym. Asking a friend or loved one to join you amid your walk or other activity can assist in making exercising a more enjoyable time.

Stress, One of the Triggers of Constipation

Keep your life as stress free as possible. Stress contributes to all sorts of bodily ills, including a sluggish gut.

Abdominal Pain When Dieting Likely Related to Gas Pressure

Fighting gas on your diet along with a sluggish gut?  You are certainly not alone - well....unless you get a really bad case and run the village away.  

Nonetheless, the cause may be related to the foods that you are eating amid your new weight loss plan.

Cabbage, spinach, corn, radishes, onions, apples, bananas - all of these fresh foods create a well of gas in the new dieter.

If you are experiencing such, check out the gas relievers at your local market for fast relief while your body slowly adjusts to all the new, healthier changes you're making.

With time, pressure from the healthier foods tends to lessen - so that's a bit of good news.

Exercise can assist in battling both gassy and constipation issues.

The more we move - the smoother our body functions; and when we are dormant - so is our internal system.

But we must be careful and not overdo when trying to lose weight.

Bran for Constipation Issues

Bran is an amazing food - although moderately acidic once it goes through the metabolic process. In fact, all grains are acidic after processing.

But there are some very good benefits of bran. First, it can stimulate the gut and ease constipation issues. Secondly, it may even prove beneficial for occasional attacks of diarrhea.

At Times, Sluggish Gut Requires Professional Attention & Treatment

Many times, constipation is a sign that something inside isn't quite right. That's when it's time to make a visit to your doctor.

When over the counter remedies don't work - along with the above tips, it may be time to make that appointment.


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