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Choose & Lose Diet Plan™

Written by Diet Bites

Choose & Lose - it's that simple.

And with a month's worth of low calorie menu options, our Choose & Lose Diet Plan makes sure that there is no room for boredom.

Enjoy normal foods, favorite foods, prepared foods and even fast foods on Diet Bites Choose & Lose free Diet Plan. Add three healthy snacks per day and you just may not feel like you're even on a diet plan!

As with any diet plan, be sure to get your doctor's approval before doing such, particularly in the areas of defining your recommended activity level and calorie intake level.

Dieting Notes

The Choose & Lose Diet is our newest free diet plan at Diet Bites and is intended to assist those individuals who are aiming to drop pounds but who don't want to spike their diet with an overdose of exercise AND who don't want to give up some of their favorite foods.

Yes indeed - there are a few typical Diet No-No's in our Choose & Lose Diet Plan, but even so - we took care to add nutritional foods. And learning to control favorite foods is a must when it comes to weight loss as well as the oh-so-important weight maintenance. So many times an individual is able to drop those pesky pounds, but they just can't keep them from returning shortly after the Big Diet.  Therefore, one of the goals of the Choose & Lose Diet Plan is learning to control what the body is fed.

Here's how our Free Choose & Lose Diet works as well as the links that lead to all the menus.

Free Low Calorie Breakfast Menus for Dieters

Choose any breakfast menu from 30 different menus which contain about 300 calories each. We've already tallied up the calories for you. Better yet, you can enjoy any of the 30 menus that you like any day that you like. For example, if you prefer cereal and milk over eggs, then you can enjoy cereal and milk as often as you like, even if it's every day. Take note however, because there are a couple of exceptions which we have noted in the breakfast menu.   Diet Bites, Dieting & Weight Lossget free diet breakfast menus

Free Low Calorie Lunch Menus for Dieters

Since the dieter commonly is at work, convenience plays a huge roll in the success of any diet plan. Fact is, if healthy food containing low calories and low fat isn't readily available, the dieter can become tempted to stray.

Therefore, the Choose & Lose Diet Plan recommends enjoying any frozen diet wise entree from the market + a serving of one of the following fruits: 1 small apple, 1 small banana, 2 large plums, 1 large peach, 1 small pear, 2 cups of strawberries or any variety of berry, 2 cups of any variety of melon, 1 cup of grapes, 1 cup of cherries, 1 small nectarine, 1 small grapefruit, 2 kiwi or 1 cup of pineapple. Aim for no more that 450 total calories. As a note, a frozen entree can certainly be enjoyed for dinner rather than lunch should the dieter prefer. 

Free Low Calorie Dinner Menus

Choose any dinner menu from 30 different menus which contain about 450 calories each. We've already tallied up the calories for you. Better yet, you can enjoy any of the 30 menus that you like any day that you like. Again - this free diet plan is built on personal choice. Diet Bites, Dieting & Weight Lossget free diet dinner menus

Low Calorie Snack Suggestions

Choose any snack from our recommended Snack List. Total snack calories per day equals about 300 calories. You can choose two 150-calorie snacks OR enjoy three 100-calorie snacks per day. Diet Bites, Dieting & Weight Lossget our free diet snack list

Beverages & Dieting Tips

The best beverage choice for dieters is of course, water. If you prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with your meals OR throughout the day, use either 1 teaspoon of sugar OR sugar substitute and powdered creamer - the 10 calorie per serving variety.

In addition, should you choose to use sugar substitute and powdered creamer, you may enjoy up to 4 cups of coffee per day as these calories are minimal. Should you choose to enjoy coffee OR tea with sugar substitute only, enjoy all you wish throughout the day. Feel free to enjoy as much/many zero calorie beverages as you wish throughout the day, keeping in mind that water should be your #1 choice.

Activity & Weight Loss Tips

If you are not use to activity, it is vital that you get your doctor's recommendation before proceeding. Begin slow and work up to walking 15 minutes per day. This can be broken up throughout the day if desired. That's it! As you lose weight, obviously you'll want to add fun activities to your Activity Plan. The important thing is to at minimum, get adjusted to moving.   Diet Bites, Dieting & Weight Losscalories burned per activity

Balancing Exercise With Relaxation for Good Health

R & R - Relaxation & Rest:  It's as important as activity. Whether you enjoy reading a book or watching television, allow at least a couple of hours at the end of your busy day for your body to unwind.

Be sure to get adequate sleep each and every night. As to the hours recommended, each of us requires a different number of hours of restful sleep. Whereas Jill might function at her peak with only six hours of sleep, her husband Dan might require up to nine hours of sleep to accomplish the same.

More Information on Diet Bites Free Choose & Lose Diet Plan:  Click here for detailed information on this free diet plan, including weight loss results.


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