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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Meals That are Simple to Prepare - So Many To Choose From

We have packed so many tasty recipes into our new Choose & Lose Diet Plan - 30 of these little lovely ditties to be exact.

Choose any meal that you like on our weight loss plan - for any day that you like. All of them contains about 450 calories and are based on the official American Food Pyramid.

If you enjoy a particular menu more than another, you may enjoy it as often as you like unless otherwise noted.

Remember that what we weigh is based on the amount of energy that we consume and expend - and because all of our dinner and lunch menus contain about the same number of kcals each - then switching out isn't an issue.

Free Breakfast Menus on This Diet Plan

As to the breakfast menus, we have thirty of these, too - all free and all containing about 300 calories each. Diet Bites, Dieting & Weight Lossget free breakfast menus

Therefore, with 900 kcals for lunch and dinner - combined with about 300 for the morning meal, we're up to 1200 calories. This allows room for two to three healthy snacks that can be threaded into our eating plan.

Foods: Favorites, Comforting Recipes Vital to Weight Loss Success

Keeping foods that are familiar to us in our weight reduction plan is important because it provides a link to our past as well as boosts our comfort zone.

Anything new - whether it's weight loss or starting a new job can be a bit stressful, so keeping those familiar things helps keep down the stress, thus supporting successful fat loss results.

The key is keeping the foods that we eat and the beverages that we drink at a healthy level where fat and energy values are concerned. The less fat a food contains, the less calories it will contain - so that's a good tip to remember.

Almost all the free diet menus below are easy to prepare. Many offer the advantage of purchasing prepared foods, making time in the kitchen very minimal. Beverage Notes | Menus: 1 | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven

Using guess-work when calculating portion sizes.

Take the guess-work out of portion size by using cups and measuring spoons at the beginning of your plan will speed up your results.

And the great news is that once you get accustomed to the correct serving sizes - you'll be able to easily eyeball them, without the use of measuring tools.

On another note, be sure to space your meals throughout the day in order to keep blood sugar levels in check.

This will assist in speeding up your results, too. Spacing out meal times allows the body to efficiently process the food at an even rate, thus translating to a more efficient metabolism.  

Efficiency - it's the key to Quick Weight Loss.

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