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Meals Too High in Calories to Fit Into a Restricted Dieting Plan

The following meals are too extreme in values to comfortably fit into the majority of healthy weight loss plan.

Because values are extreme, this typically means that these meals are also high in fatty acid content, hogging such a vast amount of kcals that they allow little room for more foods to be added throughout the remainder of the day.

Meals High in Kcals, Fatty Acid Content

The following food selections are based on one cup serving sizes OR one item unless noted.

Jumbo Tacos Contain Jumbo Calories

Although the vegetables tucked inside the extra-large corn shells are fabulous and healthy - the fatty ground beef is not.

One jumbo taco can hold as many as 600 calories. When extra lean ground beef is used over the fattiest grind, calories can be slashed as much as two-thirds. Adding sour creamand avocado also serve to increase energy values.

Tuna Salad, Not the Best Choice for Dieters Based on Calories

The full-blown Mayo spoils the healthy values. In the USDA's caloric index - the 6" submarine sandwich filled with tuna salad ranks as number 13 as highest in caloric values in comparison to all other foods. Ouch! How many calories? 584 - quite a number for a supposedly healthy sandwich.

Double Hamburger, Double Fat

Hamburger; double, regular patty; with condiments - again, it's the fatty ground beef that's the culprit at almost 600 calories. Add cheese for both meat layers and we'll be adding about 200 more calories and a significant amount of saturated fat.

In addition, almost all animal proteins contain Trans fats, a lipid which has been proven in health studies to contribute to heart disease - and which the FDA is currently working to 'rid' from the American food chain. Of course, eradication isn't possible - but they can get close.

Egg & Sausage Biscuit Rich in Cholesterol, Trans & Saturated Fat

Fast Foods, biscuit, with egg and sausage - your body doesn't need all of the cholesterol damage that this food can trigger.

Eggs contain a significant amount of cholesterol in the yolk and when paired with sausage, ham or bacon - the combinations can be deadly to your good health. One regular biscuit with egg and sausage contains about 562 calories.

Fast Food Fish Sandwich, Source of Cholesterol & Other Unhealthy Lipids

Fast Food - fish sandwich, with tartar sauce and cheese. Tartar sauce is created with full-blown Mayo.

Enough said, right? Not quite. They contain over 500 calories for the regular size - close to 700 kcals for the jumbo fish sandwiches. Just because we think 'fish' we need not think 'thin'.

All things fried equal all things holding significant unhealthy lipids and yes, calories.

Fried Shrimp - they are battered before taking a swim in pure fat, then they are often dipped in something or another after the bath. The values are for 6 large shrimp which works out to close to 100 kcals each.

What About Sub Sandwiches? Not so healthy as pitched....

A 6" sub sandwich prepared with cold cuts contains a lot of calories along with a lot of fatty acids. If you're dining at one of the popular restaurants and trying to eat trim - order a sandwich containing leaner proteins and opt for mustard over Mayo.

One cold cut sub can hold close to 500calories and it arrives with potentially cancer-causing nitrates.

Macaroni & Cheese, Let's Pile on the Body Fat

If you're dieting, it's time to 'cut the cheese' - or at least, opt for reduced fat varieties. Most 1 cup servings contain close to 500 calories. And when homemade, these values can almost double.

What About Fried Chicken Breast? White Meat is a Lean Choice Right? Wrong...

A small fried battered-in-flour chicken breast contains about 500 kcals. A larger one, much more.

KFC Extra Crispy Breast - There isn't any room to add more food at this rate. Instead, opt for their healthier roasted varieties of chicken. A grilled breast is only 220 kcals. Now we're talking healthy goodness and finally a grilled item that is actually on the healthy side!

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