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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our 1500 Calorie Diet

The Choose & Lose Diet Plan is based on a 1,500 calorie daily diet. It allows the dieter to make food and beverage choices throughout their day, thereby creating a personalize reduction plan.

It's fun to make choices - and having the ability to have a voice in what we put into our body adds fun and challenges to any weight reduction plan.

Our Choose & Lose Diet is a free weight reduction plan which also aims to help the dieter control portions as well as foods that are often considered comfort foods.

Comfort Foods & Weight Loss

This diet does include comfort foods as well as fast foods so that we can show how they can be controlled. After all, at some point the dieting process will end and the post-dieter will have to make choices which will impact their body weight going forward.

Unless the individual learns how to control the amount of high-calorie foods, those pounds which were currently lost have the ability to quickly find their way back onto the body.

Keep in mind that once we gain over our recommended weight, the fat cells never go away. And they cry-out, demanding to be refilled.

It's much more difficult for an individual who has once been overweight to maintain a healthy, recommended weight than it is for anindividual who has never experienced a fat day in their life.

Three Meals Per Day Plus Snacks to Curb Appetite While Dieting

This free diet is based on three meals per day plus three snacks. This assists in keeping the body running on a full tank, thus combating appetite.

In addition, when the body goes without food for long periods of time, it can become more acidic - placing it at risk for illness and cell damage. Blood sugar levels are also impacted.

The dieting individual may start to feel on edge - shaky and frantic for food. Shortly thereafter, binge is athigh risk to occur.

Activity to Support Losing Excess Body Fat

This free diet plan also contains minimum activity which can be added to as weight begins to drop off and health is improved. If an individual has a lot of weight to lose, it is vital that they meet with their family doctor for activity recommendation.

The amount of weight lost will vary per individual as it is dependent upon the current weight, age, gender, muscular make-up, ethnic origin and activity level of each individual.

Healthy Rate of Weight Loss is About 2 Pounds Per Week

As a note, a two pound per week rate of weight loss is considered fantastic by health professionals. Slow weight loss may be frustrating, but it tends to stay off.

Does this mean that anyone using this free diet plan can expect to lose two pounds per week? FORTUNATELY, weight loss doesn't work like this. The two-pounds per week that was cited above is the averaged number of lost pounds.

And that is GREAT news! Why so? Because that means that one week a dieter might drop 1 pound, then five pounds the next. THAT is how weight loss tends to occur.

Getting Your Doctor's Approval Before Dieting is Vital, No Matter Which Fat Reduction Plan or Method is Used

It's important to note that before going on ANY weight reduction plan that the individual meet with their doctor(s) to receive any special recommendations as well as to rule out any hidden health issues which may be negatively impacted by a diet plan - from allergies to certain foods to diabetes in which certain foods should not be ingested.

Should you have any questions or concerns with this free diet plan, please speak with your doctor about them. We wish you great success with your weight loss goals and we hope that The Choose & Lose Diet Plan helps you meet these goals.

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