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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Breaking the Overnight Fast to Jump-start Metabolism

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as we 'break the fast' from our overnight stay with Mr. Sandman. Or if you will, 'break the fat'.

That first bite of breakfast kicks the metabolism into high gear as it starts the daily burn. Burn baby burn!

Healthy Foods for Most Efficient Metabolic Performance

And the healthier the food choice for your first meal of the day, the more efficient the caloric burn. After all, you wouldn't put camping fuel [naphtha or commonly called white gas] into your vehicle's tank, would you?

Sure, your vehicle would keep running - but how efficient would the mileage be?

And how long before engine troubles settled in?

How would those repairs impact your bank account? Your pocketbook?

The same applies to the human body. When it receives healthy foods from the grain, fruit, vegetable, dairy and protein groups which are in raw natural form or minimally processed - it really appreciates these types of fuels which energize the body.

But when the morning starts out with a donut or Cheese Danish OR even worse - remains empty, the body isn't going to be happy. It simply won't perform at it's best.

Does Breakfast Make You Fat?

As a note, before my dramatic weight loss more than a decade ago, I always said, "Eating breakfast makes me fat.

Breakfast makes me seem more hungry throughout the day, so I tend to eat more.

Therefore, I gain weight when I eat breakfast."  And this is a statement which I've heard a lot of people in need of dropping pounds have made over the years.

However, studies have shown that people who pause to eat breakfast tend to have a higher performance level - whether it's at work or school.

And people that embrace breakfast tend to weigh their recommended weight, or to be closer to their recommended weight than individuals who avoid breakfast. The key is making smart choices throughout the day in regards to food and beverages.

As a note, the reason that I felt hungry whenever I ate breakfast in my fat days was because the metabolism kicked into gear and started the burn. In actuality, the same thing happened when I ate lunch in those days - but I never blamed lunch for my weight gain demise.

Breakfast to Increase Weight Loss Results

So please, just try to enjoy breakfast and see what it can do in regards to weight loss for you.

My dear old grandfather made breakfast his "breakfeast" for the day and nibbled on lunch and dinner, and he was as thin as a rail and lived into his 80's even though he smoked heavily and abused alcohol for the majority of his life.

Therefore - I hope that you'll at least give breakfast a try. Even if you despise breakfast, we've got a few options that may help you rethink breakfast such as a delicious healthy shake, as well as the occasional donut splurge.

Yes donuts. Weight loss is about calories consumed - whether it's a healthy bowl of salad or a donut. It's just a lot smarter to opt for the salad. However, that doesn't mean that we can't indulge in those favorite things every now and then.

Free Breakfast Menus for Your Diet Plan

There are 30 very simple breakfast menus below that are part of the Diet Bites Choose & Lose Diet Plan.

Choose any breakfast you wish for any day of the week - or choose a breakfast menu of your own that you enjoy which contains 300 calories max.  

And as mentioned above, there are a few exceptions on the list which we note in the menu.

Be sure to see our 'beverage' note regarding coffee, tea and other beverages that you may choose to have with your meals, or throughout the day. Menus 1 - 10 | Menus 11 - 20 | Menus 21 - 30


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