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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Supports Weight Loss With the Healthy Five Food Groups

The best route to a healthy body can be traveled on the five lanes of the official American Food Pyramid: grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and proteins.

If you're currently dieting, we have an assignment for you. For your next meal, plan it around the five Food Groups. For example, while a bean burrito is healthy - it may only contain three of the five food groups.

The beans are part of the protein group while the soft flour tortilla is part of the grain group. If cheese is added - and you'll do best using low fat cheese such as skim mozzarella which also has a fun 'pull' when eating - we have a dairy food group selection.

So....where is the fruit group? The vegetable group? We can easily adjust our meal to make it healthier by adding a nice side salad of the following chopped vegetables: cilantro, lettuce leaves, and onion.

If we add chopped tomato, we'll be adding the fruit group to our meal. Or, we can add a cup of whole, fresh strawberries to our meal for about 45 calories.

For very minimal calories, we've suddenly increased our meal to include all five basic food groups without adding a substantial amount of calories.

Health Studies Related to Weight Control

We can learn a lot by examining health studies which have been conducted by viable health groups over the decades.

For example, while most Americans intake  sufficient amounts of minerals and vitamins through their daily meals and snacks - and don't require a multi-vitamin supplement, controlled studies have shown that some groups benefit from a daily multi-vitamin.

The group includes individuals who aren't able or who don't consume a healthy diet.

This may be due to ageing, health issues or even dieting. The studies have shown that when older adults take a daily multi-vitamin supplement, they are better-able to maintain a healthier weight.

This is most likely due to certain nutritional elements which are missing from the daily diet - and when one element is missing, unwanted weight gain can be the result.

This is chiefly due to the body working in chain-reaction form, requiring certain vitamins and minerals in order to perform certain daily functions.

Health Studies Indicate That Breakfast Assists in Weight Loss

As to breakfast, health studies also have shown that individuals who embrace that first meal of the day are more likely to have a quicker rate of weight loss and be less likely to quit their diet plan.

Diet Bites has stated numerous times that almost 100% of diets end with a binge. Filling the tummy to break the overnight fast can greatly assist in keeping a raging appetite at bay.

On that note, let's look at our breakfast mean. It contains a country breakfast theme and provides a good example for dieters seeking something more substantial for breakfast without entering calorie-overload.

Breakfast Menu Based on 5 Basic Food Groups

Protein Group

Scrambled Eggs, Ham: Use 2 egg whites and 1 yolk; add a shot of milk or light cream and whip. Add cracked black pepper if desired.

Pour into a warm pan containing 1 teaspoon of reduced fat melted margarine and scramble away.

Add one slice of lean deli ham to your breakfast. Heat it in the pan that you plan to prepare your eggs in if you wish and it will add flavor to the eggs.

Vegetable Group

Parsley,Bell Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms: For a healthy bite from the Vegetable Group, feel free to add any fresh vegetables of your choice to your scramble.

Dairy Group

Serving of Reduced Fat Milk: It's easy to get servings from this Food Group into your first meal of the day and as long as they are of the reduced fat variety - they sure "do a body good".

Grain Group

Whole Grain Biscuit: Opt for the 110 calorie or less varieties - or prepare at home from scratch if you wish. There are a couple of brands at the market which offer 50-calorie biscuits; check the nutrition labels when shopping for your best caloric buys.

Add a 1/2 cup serving of your favorite berries to top off your healthy breakfast. Blackberries offer a significant burst of dietary fiber grams (hint, hint).


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