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Cholesterol In Poultry
Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Goose

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cholesterol in Chicken Liver, Gizzards

Which contains more milligrams - liver or gizzards?

The liver wins out in this nutritional showdown contains about 536 mg's per three ounces in its raw state with gizzards holding 334 mg's - still quite significant.

All animal proteins tend to be rich sources of fatty acid content and where organs and red meat choices are concerned - these generally top the chart.

Plant based proteins make a much healthier choice and provide essential nutrition required by the body without creating blockades in the circulatory system.

So pass up that fatty liver - those steamed giblets and put some delicious, fiber rich beans on your meal plate instead.

Listen to Your Heart Talk

It really does talk to you; it accomplishes such with every beat. Sometimes, such as when we are exerting a lot of energy it may feel or sound like it is beating out of our chest. This powwow is a healthy beat - growing stronger amid the activity.

But when it races amid bouts of stress or anger - that's the beat of a different drum, one that leads to unhealthy things for the body.

So listen to your heart talk with each beat. Is is beating an even rhythm? Is it strong or weak?

How many beats does it perform per minute? Getting in touch with our heart health can assist in our quality of life going forward. And limiting the amount of cholesterol as well as other harmful lipids in our eating plan is an excellent spot to begin.

Other Poultry Selections, Lipid Concerns

The thighs in chicken tend to contain less mg's than the breast or wings. Two drumsticks contain about 80 mg's.

As to turkey, duck, capon and goose - let's take a look at the data table below based on three ounce serving sizes in raw form.

Cholesterol Milligrams in Poultry


Capon = 73 mg's

Chicken Back = 72 mg's

Chicken Breast = 73 mg's

Chicken Drumsticks [2] = 82 mg's

Chicken Giblets = 334 mg's

Chicken Gizzards = 165 mg's

Chicken Legs (thigh + drumstick) = 89 mg's

Chicken Livers  = 536 mg's

Chicken Thighs [2 ounces] = 49 mg's

Chicken Wings [4] = 71 mg's

Duck = 76 mg's

Goose = 82 mg's

Turkey-Dark Meat = 72 mg's

Turkey Gizzards = 197 mg's

Turkey Liver = 532 mg's

White Turkey = 59 mg's


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