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Cholesterol in Jams
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What is High Blood Cholesterol?

Definition: Excess cholesterol in the blood.

The body makes a certain amount of this substance which is necessary for optimum health. When we consume foods and drinks which come from animals, we are also taking in a certain amount of cholesterol.

The more fatty the food or drink - the more we intake. And too much in the blood can be a serious risk to health.

In this situation our risk for heart disease and stroke rise significantly. If we also have high blood pressure, the risks further increase.

And cholesterol can build-up in the arterial walls over time. The arteries are vital for blood flow. They are blood vessels which transport our blood from our heart to other areas of our body.

When cholesterol builds, it is commonly referred to as plaque and over time, it can restrict - or narrow the pathways inside of the arteries.

They are much like the halls of a home - passageways to other areas of the home, but in the case of the human body, to the heart.

Foods & Drinks, Cholesterol Content

Food - Based on 1 Item unless stated.


Cake, shortcake, biscuit-type, prepared from recipe


Cake, fruitcake, commercially prepared


Cake, chocolate, prepared from recipe without frosting


Candies, fudge, vanilla, prepared-from-recipe


Cake, pound, commercially prepared, butter


Danish pastry, fruit


Sugar Cookies


Donut Hole


Old-Fashioned Donuts


The following foods contain zero cholesterol milligrams: jams, jellies, preserves, apple butter, marmalade, brown or yellow mustard, Mayo, peanut butter, margarine - both soft and stick varieties, and cashew butter.

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