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Cholesterol in Candy
Sweet Foods & Treats

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Thinking Outside of the Sugar Bowl

Forget the box because when it comes to losing those excess layers of fat it's a lot about sugar. Just take a look at the data chart above to instantly see that the foods which hold cholesterol values tend to be rich in sugar content.

A daily diet plan filled with food selections that are reduced or nominal in sugar grams can actually work to reduce your cholesterol levels, particularly when they also hold considerable saturated fat values. And in the case of pies, cakes, and cheesecake - that's likely to be the situation.

High Blood Cholesterol Due to Foods Consumed OR Genetics?

Our body intakes cholesterol from foods that we put into it but it also makes it for use in normal functions that it must perform in order to survive.

That made by the body is greatly influenced by the types of genes that we are given at birth, and that are shared by other family members.

While genetics play a key role in our state of health, we can impact positive changes by adapting to a healthy lifestyle.

Even if we come down with a certain disease, if we embrace a healthy eating plan and moderate activity, the condition might not be nearly as bad as if we were on a constant binge, and lived the life of a Couch Potato.

Cholesterol in Sugary Foods

The following candy contains zero milligrams per 1 oz: hard candy, jelly beans, gum drops. Chocolate fudge contains .5 mg's.

The following sugary additives contain zero milligrams per Tablespoon: hotcake syrup, maple syrup, powdered sugar, brown sugar, granulated sugar, honey and molasses.

Foods & Drinks Rich in Cholesterol Content

Food - Based on 1 cup unless stated.


Fast foods, French toast with butter, 2 slices


Pie, pecan, prepared from recipe - slice


Danish pastry, fruit - 1


Ice creams, vanilla, rich


Pie, lemon meringue, prepared from recipe, slice


Pie, pumpkin, prepared from recipe, slice


Cake, pound, commercially prepared, butter - slice


Pie, lemon meringue, commercially prepared - 1 piece


Cheesecake commercially prepared, slice - 80 grams


Hard candy, jellies, gumdrops - any amount



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