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Cholesterol in Beverages

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cholesterol in Juice, Eggnog, Beverages

The following juices and fruit nectars contain zero milligrams of cholesterol: apple, carrot, Apple Juice, grape, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, prune, tomato, cranberry, papaya nectar, peach nectar.

The following beverages contain zero mg's: club soda, coffee, cola, lemonade, lemon-lime soda, orange soda, root beer, tea, grape soda, ginger ale, cream soda, all diet sodas, water and lemonade.

Because sugar contains zero milligrams of cholesterol - adding it to tea and other beverages like lemonade will not add any mg's.

Per one cup of homemade cocoa - each serving contains about 34 milligrams; of course - the ingredients used during preparation will greatly impact this number [whole, low fat milk, coconut OR other soy based liquids, etc.]

As to the king of cholesterol in beverages, this award goes to eggnog which is sad because it's my favorite specialty drink, particularly during the colder months of the year. It's also extreme in caloric values.

Zero Cholesterol Doesn't Equal Healthy Beverage

As a note, just because a beverage is free of cholesterol content - as well as other fatty acids doesn't mean that it's a healthy beverage.

Take soda pop; most contain about 150 kcals per 12 ounces - and zero fatty acid content. Yet the sugar contained therein can do a number on one's body weight.

It doesn't take much for the calories to really start stacking up - a tiny sip, then another and so forth - and then we have a bunch of unwanted empty calories for the body to process.

And when the processing is finished, the end result can be unwanted pounds when we exceed more energy values than the body uses.

Even when soda pop is sugar free, those sugar substitutes can create ills all of their own, working to dent one's immunity. In addition, the carbonated water does  the Hillbilly Dance on tooth enamel.

Beverages Containing Cholesterol

1. Eggnog resides at the top of our list containing 150 milligrams per cup.

2. Next, the fast food vanilla shake weighs in at 77 mg's for 16 fluid ounces. The 11 ounce size contains 38 mg's.

3. Oddly enough the fast food chocolate shake contains far less than the vanilla at 43 mg's of cholesterol per 16 ounces.

4. Chocolate milk contains 30 mg's per cup and this is based on the whole milk selection - not reduced fat.

5. Malted drinks as prepared with powders contain 29 mg's per cup.

6. Low fat milk with 1% milk fat contains 12 mg's of cholesterol per cup. The fat free variety contains only 5. That's quite a significant reduction.

Low or Zero Cholesterol Beverages

Clear broths, many smoothies, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and juices are virtually free of cholesterol content.

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