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Cholesterol in Beef Liver
Steak, Roast & Ground Beef

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Beef Liver Extreme in Cholesterol Content

If you enjoy beef liver take care on how much you consume as well as how often you do such because it is mined with cholesterol content which can impact your ticker's health. And when the ticker goes - this means that your Clock of Life has expired, and who wants that?

Well, fact is - we're all going to go, even though some of us don't think we will. No one lives forever; we age day by day and at some point, is we live long enough - we become fossilized. I know because with about six decades beneath my belt, I'm starting to resemble a trilobite.

Nonetheless, our point is this; why go before your time? And why dilute your quality of life while still here on this good - and at times, quite bad, earth?

Cholesterol in Beef

3 OZ


3 OZ


Beef Liver


Pot Roast, Arm


Blade Roast


Rib Eye Steak


Bottom Round Roast


Shank Cross Cut




Short Ribs


Eye Round Roast


Sirloin Steak


Filet Mignon


T-Bone Steak


Flank Steak


Tip Round Steak


Ground Beef (Extra-Lean)


Top Loin Steak


Porterhouse Steak


Top Round Steak


Other Beefy Concerns

And it's not only the beef liver that we have to be concerned about when it comes to cholesterol content.

Sure, it contains over three times the amount of almost-all other beef cuts based on per serving (typically three cooked ounces or four raw ounces) - but we can't ignore those at a lower tier where fatty acid content is involved because - oh dear, they too can be formidable culprits when it comes to our health.

They just love to block those pathways leading to our heart that are filled with life-providing blood.

Red meat generally equals red blood trouble when Father Time is involved. If we toss in a frayed family tree that has a history of heart disease, the situation isn't pretty.

Dig Into the Lean

We have a saying at Diet Bites: "Lean on lean." This is so applicable where red meat - or any animal protein is involved for that matter.

Let's take a look at our data chart below - at the ground beef area. The fatter grind contains a sizeable lead in cholesterol content over the low fat grind - just another reason to spend just a bit more and purchase those leaner grinds, as well as those leaner cuts of beef.

Sure, they cost a bit more - but they don't cook away as quickly (less shrinkage - and who doesn't like that?).

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