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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Catskills Diet, Our Free Weight Loss Plan

Our Catskills Diet is an original weight loss plan embedded in the stream of nature, replenishing the dieter in all the good things found within the heart of Mother Earth.

If you've struggled in the past with losing - then regaining lost weight, you may benefit greatly from our plan. What makes this diet unique is that It's packed with Super Foods.

How is this weight loss plan different than others? The Catskill Diet teaches an individual how to plan a healthy daily diet today and forever. It is also based on the Food Pyramid, and healthy exercise balanced with relaxation.

Dieter's Require Choices to Spark Weight Loss Success

Because The Catskills Diet gives the dieter the power to pro-create their daily menu, the dieter doesn't feel as if they are painted into a corner. Furthermore, these skills can be embraced to create a life-long portrait of good health, and of course, a trim body.

The Ability to Make Choices When Meal Planning

Restaurants are smart when it comes to meeting the desires that inflame the human palate. Rarely does a meal arrive from the restaurant kitchen which requires zero interaction.

Whether it's the option of adding additional cheese and guacamole to nachos, or dried pepper to pizza - giving an individual options makes the dining experience more enjoyable.

Speaking of cheese, guacamole and pizza - if you desire such, then by all means 'dig in' while on The Catskills Diet.

But of course, as with all good things, there is a catch. This 'catch' is the reason why thin individuals are thin, and why individuals in need of dropping pounds remain in need of dropping those unhealthy pounds.

The catch is that thin people enjoy the foods harbored within the official Food Pyramid - in moderation. Cheese, guacamole and even pizza are under the umbrella of the healthy Food Pyramid in one form or another.

The Revised 'My Plate' versus 'The Food Pyramid'

To be totally frank, we're not a fan of the new My Plate. The Food Pyramid provides a more accurate pattern of the essential amounts of food that should be put on the meal plate. The 'My Plate' picture to the right of the screen lends the idea that the dieter should fill each slot at meal time. Many individuals may assume they should do exactly that. Here is how that Nutritional Showdown might play out:

Servings Based on My Plate: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Grain Group: 3 Servings
Vegetable Group: 3 Servings
Fruit Group: 3 Servings
Protein Group: 3 Servings
Dairy Group: 3 Servings

Servings Based on The Food Pyramid: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Grain Group: 6 - 11 Servings
Vegetable Group: 3 - 5 Servings
Fruit Group: 2 - 4 Servings
Protein Group: 2 -3 Servings
Dairy Group: 2 -3 Servings

The 'My Plate' therefore adds even more confusion to the daily diet rather than adding simplification. Pointedly, certain Food Groups within the Food Pyramid require more daily servings than others.

Even the Food Pyramid has it own set of flaws. While it recommends the amount of servings for each food group for optimum health, all foods within each of the groups are not created equal.

A cup of carrots is not going to mirror the caloric and other nutritional values found in one cup of corn, or potatoes, beets, okra and so forth. While our health is based on vital nutrients, our body weigh is based on caloric balance.

Diet Bites wrote an article some time back which shows how eating the base serving sizes from each Food Group can result in weight gain when they involve certain foods.

For example, if the dieter eats three servings of avocado for their fruit servings rather than a plum, an apricot and an apple - there is going to be a significant calorie difference as well as dietary fat distribution difference.

If the dieter opts for 8 servings of pasta from the Grain Group - that equals about 1,600 calories. The standard for health charts is a 2,000 calorie per day diet - and we're nearly there with our pasta.

Picture of the USDA Official Food Pyramid

To get the best out of your daily diet, you really have to do a bit of investigating into the area of nutrition label reading and knowing the caloric value of the foods that you most commonly put into your diet plan.

This is how the Catskills Diet Plan can be of assistance.

You'll be doing a bit of researching on your own which will assist you in managing your daily caloric intake as well as meeting your nutritional needs for optimum healthbenefits.

We'll also provide suggestions in our diet menus as we don't ever wish to leave any dieter stranded and without a healthy meal plan.

Let's discuss more about how this diet plan works as well as information on the menus. Catskills Diet, Page 2

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