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Fast Food While Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Yes, You Can Still Enjoy Fast Food While Dieting

Today we're going to head out to our favorite fast food establishments - and we'll do the same tomorrow. We want to show how you-too can dine outside of your home and still lose weight as well as enjoy a healthy mix of foods.

About 70% of teen males dine outside of the home and over 50% of adults do the same each and every day. Senior citizens dine out even more frequently than the younger adults. This makes a huge statement about the current state of our society where the daily diet is concerned.

Why do so many people choose to dine away from home?

1. It's convenient and there is nothing to clean up.
2. Dining away from home saves utility costs related to water, gas and electricity involved amid the cooking process.
3. Fast food and restaurant food tastes great.
4. More often than not, it's cheaper to dine away from home; try to make a burrito or taco for a buck each when you're only preparing one or two.

On that note, let's look at what is in store for today's menu. Keep in mind that we're going to enjoy our next six meals dining out.

Morning Energizing Foods

McDonald's Restaurant Menu

Choices for Dieters

We're going to enjoy McDonald's Fruit & Maple Oatmeal which is absolutely delicious. I've ordered it during the lunch and dinner hour - as they conveniently serve it any time of the day. If you opt to omit the brown sugar, you'll save 30 calories and 14 sugar grams.

One serving contains 290 calories with only 40 calories from fat. It also contains 4.5 grams of total dietary fat, 0 Trans fat grams, only 2 grams of saturated fat, 5 grams of dietary fiber - and this is a very significant amount of fiber grams to count towards your healthy 20 per day; there are also 57 carbohydrate grams, 32 sugar grams, 10 cholesterol mgs and 160 mg of sodium (salt).

The Fruit & Maple Oatmeal also contains 130% DV of Vitamin C,10% DV of Iron, 10% DV of Calcium, and 2% DV of Vitamin A. As a note, DV means 'Daily Value'.

This menu selection contains wholesome oats, dried apple - both red and green, dried cranberries, and two types of raisins. And of course a splash of cream and brown sugar. Yum!

Mid-Morning Energy

1/2 dark chocolate candy bar (110 calories)

Mid-Day Energy: Lunch at McDonald's Restaurant

Let's drop by McDonald's again for lunch, shall we? They have so many great choices that can fit into your weight loss plan based on caloric values.

For lunch, let's enjoy one of their delicious salads with grilled chicken. We can order the crispy style chicken, but it will cost us a lot more calories and fat grams - and these are two elements that we're trying to keep minimal.

We can order any of the following with the grilled chicken:

Premium Southwest Salad: 290 calories, 8 total fat grams, 28 carbohydrate grams, 27 protein grams and 650 mg of sodium.

Premium Caesar Salad: 190 calories, 5 total fat grams, 10 carbohydrate grams, 27 protein grams and 580 mg of sodium.

Premium Bacon Ranch Salad: 230 calories, 9 total fat grams, 10 carbohydrate grams, 30 protein grams and 700 mg of sodium.

Be sure to order the reduced fat salad dressings for your salad. Keep the croutons under control and limit to one.

Mid-Afternoon Energy

1/2 dark chocolate candy bar (110 calories)

Evening Energy: Taco Bell Restaurant Menu

Let's dine at Taco Bell for dinner, shall we? They too have a lot of great choices on their menu that can fit into a healthy weight loss plan. Let's enjoy two different types of their tacos - soft flour tortilla and hard corn shell tortilla.

2 Taco Bell Regular Tacos (184 calories) plus 1 Soft Taco with Chicken (200 calories)
Enjoy a Diet Soda or Water or other diet-wise drink (0 calories)

Late Evening Energy

2 apricots for about 35 calories

Let's see which fast food menu selections are on tomorrow's menu.

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