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Energy Foods While on a Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Morning Energizing Foods

1 Bagel; a 200 calorie-limit & whole grain choice will provide more nutritional values

From here the dieter can complete the menu on their own or add the following to their breakfast plate: 1 fruit selection, 1 dairy selection such as reduced fat milk.

Mid-Morning Energizing Foods

1 single serving of Yogurt, use a 100 calorie or less selection

Mid-Day Lunch Menu

A super salad will add a healthy dose of nutritional values. The recipe consists of the following mix of foods and is served with 1 Tablespoon of your favorite light, reduced fat salad dressing. Allow about 400 calories in your daily total for this salad.

The Salad Ingredients:

4 cups of lettuce, any variety or baby spinach
1/2 cup of chopped tomato or cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup of chopped bell pepper, any variety
1/2 cup of sliced mushrooms of any variety
1 small sliced cucumber
1 serving of bacon bits, make sure they are 'real' and not the imitation variety
1 Tablespoon of reduced fat grated cheese of your choice
1 sliced boiled egg - and it's a great idea to keep a container of these on hand while dieting as they make for a convenient healthy snack
1 serving of croutons
3 ounces of water-based tuna

You can also enjoy unsweetened tea or black coffee with your meal, or water.

Mid-Afternoon Snacks for Energy

1/2 of a mango OR a large banana OR 2 cups of your favorite melon for about 100 calories

Evening or Dinner Menu

For this meal, think about the selections you have added to your other menus for the day. Think about which Food Groups are a little thin, or that are lacking in your day.

You should plan your meal around these factors to ensure optimum nutritional needs are met. If you are having difficulty in filling in your meal plan, how about some good old fashioned hobo food:

1/2 cup of pinto beans - or your favorite beans, about 100 calories
1 reduced fat all-beef frank up to 100 calories
1 slice of reduced fat cheese, about 50 calories
1 fresh sliced peach sprinkled with ground cinnamon and topped with one serving of reduced fat topping or light whipped cream for and additional fifteen calories; you can dust the cinnamon on top of the topping if desired for a pretty display.

Late Evening Energy Foods

We have arrived at the 'day is done' time of day and as your metabolic rate winds down, your eating mode needs to grab its hand and join the Sandman for the evening. Tomorrow is another day - another opportunity for losing those unhealthy pounds.

If you need a snack to get you through the evening, try any of the following: 2 cups of hot air popcorn, a rice or popcorn cake, a small fruit selection, a serving of pretzels, a stick of lean beef or turkey jerky.

Our next diet menu features a delicious chicken sandwich prepared on whole grain bread.


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