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Choose Foods Wisely for Weight Loss

Plus Diet Menu #1

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Choosing Foods Wisely While Dieting

When foods are chosen wisely an individual is able to enjoy more food and drink. Again, we retrace our steps to the word 'energy'.

For example, let's compare food from the Fruit Group. There isn't a food housed within this group that isn't a super food or an unhealthy source.

In fact, none of the foods within the Food Pyramid are unhealthy foods. It's a very picky pyramid - as you should be when picking and choosing food and drink selections for your meal plate.

Example #1: One fruit or several fruits for the same number of calories.

Let's use a mango. They are so sweet and delicious. They are often recommended to be eaten in the shower because they are so juicy and messy to eat. One mango that weighs 336 grams contains 202 calories. Per 100 grams, mangos contain 60 calories; these calculations are based on raw state.

The mango isn't a huge fruit - so it's not uncommon to eat one mango in one sitting such as for a snack or for dessert.

Now let's look at a few other fruits. One plum contains about 30 calories for 66 grams and 46 calories for 100 grams. Strawberries contain 32 calories per 100 grams - and 46 calories for one cup of whole berries. The apricot contains 48 calories per 100 grams and 17 calories for one apricot that is at 35 grams. One cup of diced watermelon contains 46 calories based on 152 grams and 30 calories per 100 grams.

We can enjoy one mango for 202 calories OR the following fruits for about 140 calories:

1 plum, 30 calories
1 cup of strawberries, 46 calories
1 apricot, 17 calories
1 cup of diced watermelon, 46 calories

Even if we choose to eat 1/2 of the mango, we can skip the plum and still enjoy all the other food selections for the about the same number of calories. Take note that all are closely related per 100 grams in caloric values. The defining difference is in the size of the fruit - and which one we choose to eat. Indeed, size matters - which brings us to the next bullet point.

Example #2: Why size matters when it comes to food.

Now let's use a banana. A very small banana contains 72 calories and an extra large banana contains 135 calories - almost double the very small banana. Both specimens remain identical in caloric and nutritional values when they are broken down into grams.

Weight Loss Tip: Choose your foods wisely so that you receive the most food for your Calorie Purchase.

Now let's move to our first free diet menu for the Catskill Diet Plan. We've discussed the importance of making healthy, wise food and drink choices; let's see how well you can use that information to take your weight loss plan to the next level.

Free Diet Menu #1

Keep in mind that you should try to complete the menu with personal choices from the Food Pyramid based on the number of serving sizes you require, as well as the energy amount contained in the food and drink selections. Your challenge for the following menu is to determine how you might replace the suggested snacks as well as your morning energy.

Morning Energy: 1 fruit, 1 dairy, 1 grain, 1 fat

1/2 cup of blueberries, 42 calories
1 cup of skim or reduced fat milk, 80 calories
1 serving of cream of wheat, 120 calories
1 spoon of sugar, 18 calories
1/2 pat of reduced fat margarine, 30 calories
Coffee, black

Mid-Morning Energy: 1 fruit

1 medium banana, 105 calories

Mid-Day Energy: 3 grains, 3 vegetables, 1 dairy, 1 protein

Deli Ham 'n Cheese Sandwich* with lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, sliced mushrooms, 315 calories
1 Package of Baked Potato Chips, 140 calories
Unsweetened Tea

*Based on 70 calorie wheat bread, 70 calorie per slice cheese and 60 calories for deli ham.

Mid-Afternoon Energy: 1 protein, 1 grain

1 boiled egg, 70 calories
4 whole grain saltine crackers, 45 calories

Evening Energy: 2 proteins, 1 grain, 1 vegetable

1/2 cup of pinto beans, 125 calories allowed
1 cup of wild rice, 166 calories
1/2 cup of beets, 29 calories
1/2 cup of oven roasted chicken, meat only, 107 calories
Unsweetened Tea

Late Evening Energy: 1 dairy, 1 fruit

1 cup of skim milk + 1/2 cup of strawberries, 105 calories

Total Energy Calories from The Catskill Diet: 1,497 calories
Total Nutrition: 3 dairy, 4 vegetables, 4 proteins, 3 fruits, 6 grains

Let's continue our discussion on weight loss including trouble spots and how to work around them while you lose weight.

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