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Energizing Foods, Diet Menu #7

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

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Menu Filled With Energizing Foods to Fuel the Body

We've reached the tail-end of our free diet plan and our free diet menus - so let's see what's on the agenda for today, shall we?

Whatever treasures they might be, we know that they will be healthy - and will assist the dieter in losing those unhealthy pounds.

Morning Energy Fuel

1 serving of maple and brown sugar oatmeal for about 150 calories
1 cup of fresh Cherries; 74 calories with the pits OR 91 calories without pits)
1 cup of Skim or Reduced Fat Milk for 80 calories


1 cup of Green Tea - any variety for zero calories
2 cups of fresh, whole fresh Strawberries for about 90 calories

Let's move forward to our lunch menu for the day. I'm feeling very McDonald-ey.... Oh yeah, that sounds like a great choice for our lunch menu.

Mid-Day Energy Fuels

Let's keep in mind all that we have learned amid our journey featuring the Catskills Diet Plan. Remember how we fit fast food dining into our weight loss menus?

Let's do that again for the remainder of the day. Again, we'll make our selections from the menus based on caloric values - but we won't forget about the other nutritional elements as we make our choices. Let's visit McDonald's again today as we really do feel they have somegreat choices for dieters on their menu.

Let's enjoy some fish today. As a health note, you should aim to have fish on the menu at least two times per week. As prepared from their menu, the Fillet-O-Fish Sandwich contains 380 calories, 15 grams of protein and 18 total dietary fat grams. It also contains 38 carbohydrate grams and 640 mg of sodium. Saturated fat is 3.5 grams with 0 Trans fat.

The tartar sauce adds a whopping 90 calories to the fish sandwich, but yes - it's quite delicious. It also adds 9 grams of total dietary fat as well as 110 mg of the sodium content in the sandwich.

We can trim these calories in half by asking our host to go very light on the tartar sauce - or we can request it on the side and add it to the sandwich.

One would think that the cheese adds at least 50 calories to the sandwich, but it only adds 25 tiny calories and 2 total grams of dietary fat. I've never had cheese on my Fillet-O-Fish because I just can't imagine adding a cheese-anything to such a lovely piece of white fish.

And it's a quite flaky piece of fish, too - but for upwards of $4.00 it darn-well should be. On the other hand, my husband adores the cheese on his fish sandwich, so it's a personal choice.

Our point is that if the dieter eliminates the cheese as well as one-half of the tartar sauce, the sandwich steps down to 310 calories and a lot less fat.

Add a Fruit & Walnuts with yogurt to your meal for 210 calories and 8 total grams of dietary fat. The Fruit & Walnuts selection contains healthy foods: apples, red grapes, candied walnuts and low fat vanilla yogurt.

Also order a diet friendly drink with your meal.


Enjoy a fruit selection or one serving of whole grain saltine crackers or pretzels

Evening Energy Selections

We've got to have our chili-fix at Wendy's. No one does it better when it comes to chili. We can order the small size chili for 210 calories and the large chili for only 100 calories more - for 310 calories. Let's go large! We can't possibly say enough great things about Wendy's Chili and we highly recommend it.

Unfortunately, we don't have a Wendy's close to where we live, so when we make that hour and a half round trip to the city, we try to drop by Wendy's and pick-up a few large containers of their chili. They taste great the next day as well as the next. We've never had to freeze and leftovers, because there never have been any.

At home we can add our own fat reduced shredded cheese if we wish along with chopped onion and bottled chili sauce. We also enjoy their liquid chili packets which add a bit of heat to the chili.

The large sized chili contains 9 grams total in dietary fat with only 3.5 grams in saturated fat form. There are 0.5 grams of Trans fat in the large chili and 1,330 mgs of sodium - so if you're going to dine on the chili, then limit your sodium intake during the day if you are sensitive to sodium (salt). There are also 26 impressive grams of protein in the large chili.

Let's review the nutritional data for the smaller size of Wendy's Chili. 210 calories, 6 fat grams, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 880 mg of sodium, 17 protein grams and 40 mg of cholesterol. There are zero Trans fats in the smaller container of chili.

If you choose to added shredded cheese to the chili, it will cost you about 60 more calories and 6 more total fat grams. The package of hot chili seasoning contains only 10 calories. Each saltine cracker that you add to the chili will add about 10 additional calories.

Late Evening

Enjoy a fresh fruit selection before you head off to bed or as you wind down for the evening. You've enjoyed a fantastic day filled with great food - and food that held some awesome satiety powers.

It's time to forget about food and drink for the day and look forward to what's on tomorrow's breakfast menu. Speaking of which - what will you enjoy come morning?

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