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Carbs in McDonald's
Caramel Menu Items

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Several Caramel Menu Items Available at McDonald's

There are many possible selections on the McDonald's menu that contain caramel. One of the most popular is the non-fat sauce which contains 15.02 grams of carbohydrates. One caramel sundae holds 60.72 grams.

Let's see the other selections available on the menu:

Iced Coffee Options at McDonalds

Caramel Iced Coffee, small size: 21 grams. This is one-half the size of the large selection at 16 fluid ounces and contains 130 kcals. Based on this data, the large appears that it would hold two times the nutritional values yet it contains 10 more calories and 1 fewer carbohydrate gram when doubled.

Large 32 fluid ounce Caramel Iced Coffee: 41 grams, 270 kcals; the medium size is 22 fluid ounces and contains 190 kcals and 27 grams of carbs.

Frappe Selections

Frappe Caramel, small 12 ounce size: 62 carb grams, 450 kcals, 20 g of total fat, 55 milligrams of cholesterol, 56 sugar grams and 0 dietary fiber content.

The large Frappe contains 94 carb grams, 680 kcals, 29 total fat grams, 85 milligrams of cholesterol, 88 sugar grams and 0 dietary fiber.

Caramel Cappuccinos, 0 Fiber

Carbohydrate Grams are as follows:

small - 32 g , medium - 41 g, large - 49 g

Lattes, Carb Grams (contain 0 dietary fiber)

Caramel Latte: small - 35 g; medium - 43 g; large - 52 g


Caramel Mocha, small 12 ounces: 33 g
Medium Size: 39 g; Large: 47 g
Nonfat Versions: small - 34 g; medium - 41 g; large - 49 g

McDonalds Caramel Sauce contains 15.02 carb grams.

This selection contains more carbohydrates than the Caesar Salad with grilled chicken which holds only 10 grams.

Whether this sauce - or chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla cream and so forth are added to any prepared food, all nutritional elements veer towards a negative direction.

Flavors and sauces - such as the caramel are often part of ice cream selections on the menus of fast food restaurants. They go on top of sundaes or get mixed in the malt or shake recipes and become part of the beverage.

They are often found in specialty coffees. McDonalds offers quite a few featuring caramel such as their lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos. And yes - they also have a caramel sundae.

All of the above selections are richer in flavor with the special toppings and sauces - and when they are low in caloric content, they can fit into a healthy weight loss plan for most individuals on occasion.

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