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Carbohydrate Grams in McDonalds
Big & Tasty

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McDonald's Big n Tasty contains about 38.51 carb grams.

(This sandwich is no longer available in our area.)

We'd like to take this opportunity to give kudos to McDonalds for being ahead of the pack in creating healthier menu items.

Not only are they working towards creating a healthier menu - they are the first to place the nutritional values of their menu selections on their wrappers.

When you get your order, you know how many calories, carbohydrates, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat that your menu item contains.

All Fast Food Isn't Fat Food

Take note that just because it's fast food doesn't automatically mean that it's an unhealthy choice.

McDonald's has quite a few light and lean items that can fit into a healthy weight loss plan - such as their grilled salads.

And when everything is said and done, it's up to the diner to make the healthiest choice based on their current state of health, the amount of calories they need to support their recommended weight - as well as the right foods to consume based on any health issues they may be dealing with.

The Big n Tasty with Cheese, no Mayo contains about 39.17 carb grams.

Take note that this item may be discontinued or unavailable in some areas.

The thing that we'd like to touch upon is the omittance of Mayo. Regular contains about 70 kcals per packet - yes, those tiny condiment packets that are commonly available at fast food restaurants. They weigh about 10 grams and are very small.

While the carbohydrate content of Mayo isn't high (0.06 grams by difference of dietary fiber), the caloric values of all foods is what determines the amount of body weight - not the carb content of foods.

While it's a great idea to trim back the unhealthy carbohydrate sources, we can't negate the controlling factor for determining body weight - calories, otherwise known to the body as energy.

By trimming the salad dressing - no matter what variety (regular, non fat or low fat), the nutritional values of the food are increased towards a positive light.

The McDonald's Angus Bacon & Cheese, Nutrition Facts & Carbohydrate Content

Let's take a look at another popular sandwich at McDonalds - the Angus Bacon and Cheese, starting with the nutrition facts:

Dieting CartoonCarbs: 63 grams
Calories: 790
Total Fat: 39 grams
Saturated Fat: 18 grams
Sodium mg's: 1990
Cholesterol mg's: 150

While the sandwich is probably delicious (we haven't had many items that we didn't enjoy at McDonalds) there are healthier options on the menu. You really don't want to add a burger holding almost 800 kcals to your meal, right? Let's view a healthier option:

The regular hamburger looks great at 250 kcals - and 31 carb grams. While a bit steep in carbohydrate content, what matters in the end is the number of kcals contained therein - as it is the determining factor for your weight.

Add a side salad and an order of fresh sliced apples - hey, now we're talking healthy!

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