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The Big Mac, An Original American Icon

There are some things in our culture that we grew up with that create fond memories - and where foods are involved, the flavors tend to be original and very unique.

Such is the Big Mac at McDonalds. Simply put - there is no other sandwich quite like it. Not only does it hold a unique flavor, the manner in which it is assembled is also unique.

There are eons of mock-recipes for the Big Mac circling the village but if you want the real deal - it's best to go to the source. Be sure to allow room in your daily diet so you can enjoy this rare treat without the guilt.

Nutrition Facts for McDonald's Big Mac

Dieting Cartoon550 kcals

29 total fat grams

10 saturated, Trans fats

46 Carbohydrate grams

970 milligrams of sodium

75 Cholesterol milligrams

McDonald's Big Mac without Sauce contains about 42.02 carb grams.

Sure, this sandwich contains quite a few carbohydrate grams - and with the special sauce it holds 500 kcals, 75 milligrams of cholesterol and close to 1,000 milligrams of sodium - but even the Big Mac can fit into a healthy eating plan.

By cutting the sauce, we'll trim a few kcals and carbohydrates (about 4 grams) but in the process we'll lose the original flavors of the sandwich.

We're not saying that everyone should run to McDonalds and order this every day for the rest of their life - but think about this....

One day, you're going to be through with your weight loss plan.

Then what?

If you're intent on never enjoying another slice of pizza - or another piece of bread hot out of the oven with butter and jam smeared on, then you may feel much differently when the hungries hit and your plan has ended.

Fact it - it's past time to get real and in the real world, people like to eat the foods that they enjoy - like the Big Mac. And when they do such in moderation, they can also do such without experiencing weight gain.

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