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McDonalds BBQ Sauce

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Oh My! Did Someone Mention BBQ at McDonalds?

Well, sorta. This article is the focus of the delicious and tangy BBQ sauce at McDonald's that is often used for dipping purposes, particularly where Chicken McNuggets are concerned.

Here is the nutritional data per serving:

Dieting Cartoon50 kcals

0 total fat grams

0 saturated, Trans fats

12 Carbohydrate grams

260 milligrams of sodium

0 Cholesterol milligrams

Excellent Sauce Choice

Based on the nutritional data, this makes a very good choice to pair with other foods on the extensive menu at McDonalds.

The sodium content is low - as dipping sauces go - and the flavor and texture of this item is quite good. And it's like getting a taste of BBQ without getting all of the calories.

What About Honey For Dipping? Healthier Than BBQ Sauce?

Another good choice is the honey. It contains 50 calories per container.

If you're suffering from allergies, a serving of honey which has been harvested locally may assist in calming the bothersome side-effects which often accompany allergies.

Sweet & Sour Sauce, Good Choice

The Sweet & Sour sauce is also 50 kcals, with the packet of Hot Mustard Sauce at 60 kcals. Both create unique flavors when enjoyed with your menu selections.

Chipolte BBQ Sauce, Nominal in Calories

We like the Spicy Buffalo Sauce too - and it's only 35 kcals - with 1 carb gram. The Chipolte BBQ Sauce contains 50 kcals and 11 carb grams.

Hot Mustard Sauce, Higher in Calories Than One May Assume But Still a Good Choice Based on Energy Values

McDonald's Hot Mustard Sauce contains 60 calories and 9 carb grams, a bit surprising for a mustard-based sauce.

Stay Away From the Creamy Ranch & Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressings

If you're watching your weight, avoid the Creamy Ranch at 100 calories per container and 1 carb gram.

The Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing is also steep at 90 kcals and 15 carb grams - as is Tartar Sauce at 140 kcals but contains 0 carbs.

This is just another example of foods which are labeled as 'Low Fat' which are high in calories based on serving size.

Just because a food or menu item is labeled 'low fat' or 'no fat' or even 'zero fat' doesn't mean that it's also low in calories.

Sweet Chili Sauce a Sweet Choice for Dieters

One of our favorites is the Sweet Chili Sauce at 50 calories and 12 carb grams.

Hot Habanero Sauce to Kick Up Flavor & Awake Taste Buds

If you're into heat, try the Hot Habanero Sauce for 80 calories and 5 carb grams. Because this menu option is steep in energy values we recommend enjoying only half of the packet.

For something sweeter, the Honey Mustard contains 60 kcals and 6 carb grams.


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