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Carbohydrates in Pork

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

This Little Piggy Stayed Home

At least he did where total carbohydrate grams are concerned. They are minimal and they won't even be found in the natural cuts of pork such as the tenderloin, shoulder, arm - or even in those fatty spareribs.

This is one area where fat enters the nutritional picture and where carb-restricted diets cave in.

Animal Protein Health Pitfalls & Low Carb Diets

The dieter will pig-out on foods that contain zero grams and the result at times - particularly where animal proteins are involved, is that fatty acid content meets the human body, and in turn starts its rampage.

First, the liver is impacted as it struggles to deal with all that fat.

Secondly, the digestive system may experience upset due to the fatty acid overage.

Third, rather than seeing a decrease on the bathroom scales, when too much fat is consumed - the result is a spike in weight.

And lastly, but most certainly not least - over time, all those extra lipids can sure do a body in where the heart is involved. Tick, tick, ticking time bomb.

Therefore, we recommend that you do enjoy your pork - but only if the cuts are lean and free of visible fat - or marbled.

Liver, Canadian Bacon, Smoked or Cured Bacon

Pork liver does contain carbohydrates; based on three ounces - about 3.2 grams. Ham contains 0.5 for the same serving size while Canadian Bacon contains 0.6 for two medium slices. Three slices of cured bacon contains about 0.2. And pickled pit's feet has a trace.

Pork Carbohydrates Per 3 Ounces

Most cuts of pork contain zero OR minimal carbs (less than 1 grams) with the following exception: Carbs in Pig's Liver - 3 grams. 

Pork Sausage Per 3 Ounces

Most cuts of sausage contain zero OR minimal carbs (less than 1 grams).

Mining for Salt in the Daily Diet

This protein became ultra popular when markets began advertising it as 'the other white meat'. But unlike poultry, due to the manner in which it is processed, it contains salt shakers of sodium.

The next time you enjoy an Easter ham, take a look at your hands a few hours later. Rings become adhered to fingers, generally requiring petroleum to remove, or butter.

Your belly and face may be obviously bloated,  particularly beneath and around your eyes.

You'll also feel as bloated as you look. The symptoms of bloating are horribly uncomfortable - like you've turned into the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

One way that we reduce the sodium content in almost-all sandwich meats is to wash them in ice cold water. This helps remove a good deal of the saltiness, thus producing less bloat.

We have also taken note that even when we do not exceed our recommended daily amount for sodium, ham will still produce moderate swelling in our fingers and around our eyes.

Therefore, consider your options if you want to avoid that goldfish look.

Carb & Dietary Fiber Grams in Pork

Proteins are the centerpiece of carb-restricted diets while grains are extremely limited.

Grains act as energy blocks to the human body, so decreasing the recommended daily servings could land a body in a slew of health issues. Big health issues - nothing as simple as a hangnail.

Almost all animal proteins - beef, poultry, lamb, pork, etc. are generally absent of carbohydrate grams.

Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Ham, Picnic Shoulder Arm, Spareribs, Tenderloin and Pickled Pig's feet contain either traces or amounts that are less than 1/2 gram per recommended serving size.

Generally, three ounces is a recommended single serving - while bacon is typically three slices, and Canadian Bacon, 2 slices.

Many of these foods are heavily mined with salt which contributes to extra pounds. Diet Bites refers to these pounds as 'false weight gain' because they are added to the body as the individual craves water after enjoying over-salty foods.


In Summary

A diet which places a focus on one nutritional element is a fad diet plan which can cause serious damage to the body. At times, the damage is permanent.

Always seek advice from your doctor before embracing an extreme fad diet plan.

Sure, you might lose a few pounds but you might also lose your life. And in that case, you'll lose a whole lot of pounds....


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