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Carbohydrates in Popular Meals

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbs & Dietary Fiber Grams in Popular Meals

Oh my - if you are one of the busy dieters attempting to eradicate over-carbing in your daily diet, the foods referenced in this article might be on your naughty list. And we're not referring to that holiday list...

For example, those delicious fast food pancakes served with butter and syrup contain almost 100 carb grams. And this is based on two measly little pancakes.

Because they contain a plethora of carbs, they top our list. However, pancakes are one of my favorite foods. So round and buttery; there is nothing in this world quite like a pancake.

And they have such an interesting origin - going about 30,000 years in history. We have research that indicates Rome and Greece prepared them using wheat flour as the base. Olive oil, local honey and curdled milk [buttermilk] rounded out the ingredient list.

In today's world, we use flour - generally all purpose, buttermilk, eggs, salt and baking powder. And of course, we fry them in oil. Flapjacks differ in ingredients as they often contain oats.

Because I am not a fan of fad diet plans, I would recommend choosing foods based on caloric content - and embracing a daily meal plan filled with all the healthy food groups.

Carbs in Popular Meal Choices

The following foods contain about 50-60 grams of carbohydrates per entree:

*Tuna Sub 6" long
*Beef Taco with cheese, lettuce and tomato prepared in a corn shell
*6" Cold Cut Sub Sandwich
*Chicken Pot Pie, one small
*Macaroni and cheese, frozen entree, 1 package

*Fast food double cheeseburger, double, plain - 1

*Fast foods, fish sandwich, with tartar sauce and cheese - 1

*Breaded, Fried Shrimp - 8 shrimp

Fast Food Meal Favorites & Carbohydrate Content

If you are watching your intake of carbohydrate grams, you might want to request a nutrition guide the next time that you visit your next favorite fast food restaurant OR fine dining restaurant.

McDonald's is leading the pack in this area, setting a fine example of putting the key nutritional values of the menu selection on the item ordered.

Keeping McDonald's in mind, let's look at a few of their menu items and the carbohydrate grams contained therein. If you have some heavy activity scheduled for the day, items that are rich in carbs can provide a burst of energy.

Big Mac 46 g

Regular Hamburger 31 g

Regular Cheeseburger 33 g

Grilled Onion Cheddar 33 g

Premium Crispy Chicken Classic Sandwich 55 g

Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich 42 g

Quarter Pounder, With Cheese 41 g

Quarter Pounder Bacon Habanero, Ranch 46 g

Quarter Pounder, Bacon & Cheese 48 g

Quarter Pounder Deluxe 45 g

McChicken Sandwich 40 g

Premium McWrap Crispy Chicken & Bacon 54 g

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