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Carbohydrates in Foods
Tips to Reduce Carb Intake

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbohydrates In the Daily Diet

There has been much debate, confusion and controversy surrounding carbohydrates since the debut of the first fad carb-restricted weight loss plan some decades ago - and even today, the discussion continues.

White Foods Tend to be Avoided by the Low Carb Dieter as Most are Classified as Simple Rather Than Complex

Where some individuals are concerned, any white food is taboo because it is commonly mined with the things.

And what about all those eggs? I've known dieters who are riding this fad who have consumed six eggs for breakfast as they contains zero grams - and can be eaten freely on the vast majority of these restricted plans.

Nonetheless, our take involves the following tips for optimum health - as well as ample energy supply - using your good sense when making the best and most healthy choices for your daily eating plan.

If you are attempting to lose layers of unwanted fat, we suggest that you focus more on the caloric values as well as the fatty acid distribution of foods rather than counting total carbohydrate grams.

Why so?

Body Weight Determined by Energy Intake [calories] Not by Carb Consumption

Because body weight isn't determined by carbohydrate intake, rather energy intake balanced with energy output and this is where kcals come into the picture of health. In addition, that fatty acid distribution that we mentioned is also important. The fattier the food selections, the quicker that the eating plan fills in - leaving less room for more food.

While trying to lose pounds, it's always a great idea to choose as many low calorie foods as possible; this means that you'll get to eat more food, thus ending up with a fuller tummy. Instead of wigging-out about those carbs, opt for the whole grain foods instead.

Tips to Reduce Carbs in the Diet

pin_blue.gif Rinse starch off cooked carbs such as boiled potatoes and pasta.

pin_blue.gif Reach for complex rather than simple types.

pin_blue.gif Simple examples: white rice, white bread, donuts.  

pin_blue.gif Complex examples: brown rice, wheat bread.

Dieting Tips for Meats & Proteins When Dining Out

Dining out can be challenging. For one, most of us arrive at the restaurant hungry. It's so easy to devour a basket of bread before the meal arrives.

And of course, our menu selections are often impacted by sudden impulses based on our hunger levels.

In the area of meats opt for baked, broiled or roasted over fried and battered. Avoid the red meats and order fish, chicken, pork or turkey instead. Stay away from batters, white sauces and high calorie toppings.

And it's also a wise move to ask your waiter for a nutritional menu before ordering so you'll know exactly what you're eating.

Carbohydrate Restricted Diet

Why are low carb diets so popular?

Low carb diets tend to be popular because dieters experience a big drop in weight shortly after the beginning of the diet.

Basically, a low carb diet mobilizes stored glucose within the body. For each gram of mobilized glucose that is lost, 2-4 grams of water are also lost thus impacting the weight scales.

There are many types of low carb/carb restricted diets from those that embrace a low intake of carbs combined with high-protein foods, to a low carb diet that combines foods that may be high OR low in fat.

Before going on any carb restricted diet, it is essential that an individual meet with their physician or nutritionist. Certain diseases coupled with a carb restricted diet can prove fatal for some individuals, particularly when a health disorder or disease is a hidden condition.

The Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbs include legumes, broccoli, corn, potatoes, whole grains and pasta.

Unlike simple carbs which are used almost immediately by the body, complex carbs are more sophisticated compounds which require thoughtful processing by the body.

If you are considering going on a low carb/carb restricted diet, please meet with your doctor or nutritionist before doing such.

In those individuals with masked diseases, a low carb diet may render undesirable health consequences, often irreversible.

Our Carb Chart below illustrates the carb grams in Complex Carb food selections based on serving size. The potato is small; broccoli 1 cup, black beans 1/2 cup cooked, chickpeas 1/2 cup, corn 1/2 cup, rye bread 1 thin slice.

Food Carb Grams
Broccoli 6
Rye Bread 12
Corn 20
Black Beans 20
Brown Rice 22
Chickpeas 24
Potato 27

What are simple carbohydrates?

Simple carbs offer little, if any nutritional value and are generally filled with empty calories.

Example of simple carbs include: donuts, cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and many other bakery goods.

While searching for that healthy diet, grab complex carbs instead whether trying to lose weight - or not. Your body will be healthier for your efforts and you'll also feel better.

Check out our Carb Gram Chart listing popular foods considered 'Simple Carbs'.

Food Carb Grams
Pound Cake 16
Cheesecake 21
Honey Bun 33
Candy Bar 35
Large Donut 38
Brownie 39
Jumbo Donut 80


Carbohydrate Content of Natural Foods, Fast Foods, Beverages

Carb-Restricted Diets, Health Risks, Recipes

Carbs Contained in the following foods:

Beverages Containing Alcohol, Spirits






Breakfast Foods


Cheese, Dairy

Coffee, Cocoa, Tea


Desserts, Sweets

Common Daily Drinks: Soda, Juice, Coffee, Nectars


Fast Food & Carbs

Fish, Shellfish


Jams, Sweet Things

Milk, Buttermilk, Mother's Milk, Cocoa, Yogurt, Ice Cream

Nuts, Fruit Butters & Nut Butters


Grains, Pasta, Cereals

Popular Meals



Soups, Stews