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Carbohydrates in Foods, Tips to Reduce Carb Intake

Written by Diet Bites


Carbohydrates In the Daily Diet

There has been much debate, confusion and controversy surrounding carbohydrates since the debut of the first fad carb-restricted weight loss plan some decades ago - and even today, the discussion continues.

White Foods Tend to be Avoided by the Low Carb Dieter as Most are Classified as Simple Rather Than Complex

Where some individuals are concerned, any white food is taboo because it is commonly mined with the things.

And what about all those eggs? I've known dieters who are riding this fad who have consumed six eggs for breakfast as they contains zero grams - and can be eaten freely on the vast majority of these restricted plans.

Nonetheless, our take involves the following tips for optimum health - as well as ample energy supply - using your good sense when making the best and most healthy choices for your daily eating plan.

If you are attempting to lose layers of unwanted fat, we suggest that you focus more on the caloric values as well as the fatty acid distribution of foods rather than counting total carbohydrate grams.

Why so?

Body Weight Determined by Energy Intake [calories] Not by Carb Consumption

Because body weight isn't determined by carbohydrate intake, rather energy intake balanced with energy output and this is where kcals come into the picture of health. In addition, that fatty acid distribution that we mentioned is also important. The fattier the food selections, the quicker that the eating plan fills in - leaving less room for more food.


While trying to lose pounds, it's always a great idea to choose as many low calorie foods as possible; this means that you'll get to eat more food, thus ending up with a fuller tummy. Instead of wigging-out about those carbs, opt for the whole grain foods instead.

Tips to Reduce Carbs in the Diet

pin_blue.gif Rinse starch off cooked carbs such as boiled potatoes and pasta.

pin_blue.gif Reach for complex rather than simple types.

pin_blue.gif Simple examples: white rice, white bread, donuts.  

pin_blue.gif Complex examples: brown rice, wheat bread.

Carbohydrate Content of Basic Foods, Fast Foods, Beverages

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