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Carbohydrates in Cream

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbs Based on One Cup of Cream

Carbohydrates in Cream - 6.64 Grams.

While low in carb grams (based on a little goes a long 'weigh'). Cream packs a big punch when it comes to calorie and fat content.

Let's take a look at the fat content, caloric content and calcium content in heavy cream:

One fluid ounce of cream contains:

103 calories
0.83 carbohydrate grams
19 mg of calcium
11.03 total fat grams
6.90 saturated fat grams
3.18 monounsaturated fat grams
0.409 polyunsaturated fat grams

One Tablespoon of cream contains:

52 calories
0.42 carbohydrate grams
10 mg of calcium
5.55 total fat grams
3.5 saturated fat grams
1.6 monounsaturated fat grams
0.206 polyunsaturated fat grams

One cup of cream contains:

821 calories
6.64 carbohydrate grams
155 mg of calcium
88.06 total fat grams
54.8 saturated fat grams
25.43 monounsaturated fat grams
3.270 polyunsaturated fat grams

One cup of cream equals about 2 cups of whipped cream.

One cup of whipped cream contains:

414 calories
3.35 carbohydrate grams
78 mg of calcium
44.40 total fat grams
27.7 saturated fat grams
12.82 monounsaturated fat grams
1.649 polyunsaturated fat grams

As a health note, cream contains zero dietary fiber grams which of course, isn't a great thing. However, the calcium content is quite impressive - which is of course, a great thing.

Liquid Coffee Creamers

For Coffee Lovers who enjoy a lot of cream in their coffee the carb grams, fat grams and calories can really add up to substantial caloric intake.

Many liquid creams contain 35-50 calories per serving - about 1 Tablespoon. At 40 calories per serving, 4 cups of coffee adds up to 160 calories. Add sugar and the calorie count increases.

If you are a Coffee Lover who enjoys cream with your coffee as well as sugar try adding a little less sugar for starters as the creamers tend to be fairly sweet.

Sugar is like a drug; the more we have the more we crave. Decreasing intake decreases desire (take note that this does not apply to chocolate.....).

You may find that less is more as you begin to savor the flavor of the coffee itself.

After reducing sugar content, work on adding the recommended serving of creamer to your coffee rather than the whole bottle as tends to be the process where creamer commercials are concerned.

The pay off is a reward on the weight scales with a smaller reading. And sometimes, smaller is best.

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