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Carbohydrates in Coffee, Cocoa, Tea
Including Health Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Added Sugar Increases Carbohydrate Grams

We see in our data table today that the beverage selections which contain sugar are going to be naturally higher in carbohydrate content.

Keep in mind that sugar creates a quick burst of energy once it enters the blood stream.

Tips to Boost Flavor in Drinks Without Adding a Lot of Calories

We hope that you enjoy our tips before which can work to boost flavor without impacting carbohydrate grams.

1. Add your favorite flavoring extract to cocoa.

I am very fond of imitation vanilla and actually like the flavor more than vanilla extract. I suppose that I'm among a popular crowd - because most people feel the same.

2. Add a butterscotch, butter-rum, or peppermint disc to coffee. The peppermint also compliments warm tea well. Allow the candy disc to melt before enjoying the coffee or tea. These tiny candies contain a skinny 20 to 25 calories each.

3. Add a square of caramel to coffee - and as with the candy discs, allow to melt before sipping.

4. Add a stick of cinnamon OR a candy cane peppermint stick to your warm beverage.

5. There is a 'marshmallow' extract/flavoring that is available in larger marketplaces which can add tons of flavor to cocoa and chocolate-based beverages without adding calories.

So delicious! But difficult to find at times.

6. Root beer barrels also compliment many beverages well.

Carbs in Coffee, Cocoa, Tea

Cocoa prepared at home generally contains about 30 carb grams. The type of milk used in your recipe will greatly impact that number. If you opt for the commercial powders to make your cocoa, the average carbs per recommended serving size is about 25 g.

Coffee contains less than 1 gram per cup. This applies to fresh brewed or regular varieties of coffee. An espresso prepared with two fluid ounces of coffee contains zero g.

However, instant coffee prepared with water contains 24 g per six ounces.

Eggnog hold 17 grams per 1/2 cup. The lighter versions will contain about the same as most milk, including skim vs whole - contain about the same amount of carbohydrates.

Malted Milk contains 28 g.

All teas, including herbal and instant, contain paltry amounts of carbs - less than one gram per cup. However, when milk, creamer, honey and other ingredients are added to the cup, that number can greatly spike.

For example, a cup of instant lemon-flavored tea that has been sweetened with sugar contains 22 g. If sweetened with saccharin the grams drop to only one.

Sport Drinks contain about 15 g.

Our beloved water is a dieter's delight as it is free of carbs and contains zero calories and zero fat.

In Summary

Always keep in mind that the beverages that you choose throughout your day can count towards a sizeable bulk of your caloric intake.

If you have been working outdoors, and aren't overheated - opting for water might be your best option. Why? Because when we are thirsty, we tend to rapidly drink. Most of the time, we don't even taste what we're drinking.

On the other hand, if you've become very hot amid your outdoor toiling, and if you have produced a lot of sweat - then you're going to need to refuel your electrolytes.

For beverages which hold considerable calories, it's best to enjoy those when you can relax. That way you can savor all the flavor.

Healthy Tips for Coffee & Tea

#1 - We do have a concern with the action-packed teas and coffees on the market these days - those that are action-packed with caffeine as well as Vitamin B attributes. Too much of certain B vitamins can actually render temporary paralysis. Too much caffeine can cause serious health risks, including a contribution to high blood pressure.

Although caffeine has been given a big thumb's up where health benefits are concerned, too much of a good thing can become a very bad thing where health is involved. So use your good senses. If you enjoy caffeine and begin to feel like you're on a roller coaster that won't stop - then that's a signal that you need to stop the caffeine.

#2 - Try adding prepared tea or coffee to your next dessert recipe for a healthy boost while creating a unique flavor. Substituting prepared coffee for water in the boxed mix for Red Velvet cake renders a divine end-result. Coffee also works wonderfully well in German Chocolate and other chocolate boxed cake mixes. Try tea for strawberry mixes.

#3 - Adding a splash or wedge of lime or lemon to your tea adds a healthy splash of Vitamin C to your daily diet without adding fat or calories. Vitamin C helps boost the immune system as well as assist in healthy gums.

#4 - Adding your favorite extracts to both tea and coffee can create gourmet delights.

#5 - When steeping tea, stay with your 'bag'. Leaving it in too long results in an increased disbursement of tannin into your cup, making for a bitter tea. Add lemon to that, and you'll be puckered for a good day or two.


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