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Carbohydrates in Breakfast Foods
Fast Food Breakfast, McDonald's

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbohydrates in Fast Food Breakfast Menu Items

Carbohydrates abound in foods that are common to the first meal of the day. When we decide to eat our morning meal out, that amount is likely to significantly increase.

McDonald's is a popular spot for breakfast, and they do it well. There are scrambled eggs for the individual who is watching their intake - as well as other healthy choices.

Let's take a look at the selections which contain bumper amounts. The nutrition data is based on one serving, and provided in grams.

Carbohydrate Grams in McDonald's Breakfast Selections

Sausage McGriddles - 44 g

Sausage Biscuit, regular size

Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles - 48 g

Big Breakfast, Regular Biscuit - 51 g

Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, Regular Biscuit - 111 g

Cinnamon Melts - 66 g

Hotcakes - 60 g

Hotcakes & Sausage - 61 g

Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bagel - 57 g

Southern Style Chicken Biscuit, Regular Size - 41 g

Big Breakfast With Hotcakes, Large Biscuit - 116 g

Big Breakfast, Large Biscuit - 56 g

Sausage on Large Biscuit - 39 g

Bacon, Egg, Cheese Bagel, Egg Whites, Regular - 42 g

Big Breakfast, Hotcakes, Egg Whites, Large Biscuit - 115 g

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal - 58 g

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal Without Brown Sugar - 49 g

Small Orange Juice - 34 g

Apple Juice 100% - 23 g

Chocolate Milk, Fat Free - 23 g

Carbs & Dietary Fiber Grams in Breakfast Foods

So what about the foods you eat for your morning meals at home - or on the go? The following are based on single servings.

Hash Brown Potatoes - 56 g

Bagels, both plain and those prepared with an egg base; one that is about four inches in diameter - 50 g

Danish Pastry with fruit in the recipe - 45 g

Biscuits, plain or buttermilk about four inches round - 45 g

English Muffin with egg, cheese, bacon - 30 g

Cereals prepared with water such as Wheatena, Malt-O-Meal and Cream of Wheat - 30 g

Cereals that can be consumed out of the box hold a wide range of carbs so check that nutrition label.


Serving Size

Carb Grams

Hot Cereal - Cooked unless otherwise noted:

Cream of Rice

3/4 Cup


Cream of Wheat








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