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Carbohydrates in Breads, Grains

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Very High in Carb Content

Breads tend to be high in carbohydrates and are generally targeted by low carb diet plans. Although high in carbohydrates, bread tends to be relatively low in calories per serving.

Of course caloric content varies depending upon the recipe used as well as the slice of the bread. Keep in mind that whole grain breads make the healthier choices for the bread basket.

Biscuits prepared with whole grain flour make the healthiest choice. Here is our very easy recipe for whole grain biscuits: This biscuit recipe makes about 1 dozen biscuits.

Speaking of the bread basket, these are hugely popular at fine restaurants. Often we are greeted by our server, then led to a table where we are greeted by hot oven rolls, loaves of warm bread, or crackers which are next to impossible to resist when we're hungry.

Bread tends to be very filling and once our meal arrives we may be too stuffed on bread to enjoy our tasty vegetables and lean proteins. Therefore, try to maintain control and enjoy just one roll or one slice of bread before the healthy meal arrives. You'll be cutting carb grams, fat grams, and calories - particularly when butter or margarine is added.


- Enjoy sandwiches and burgers that contain whole grain buns and whole grain breads. Omit one slice of bread or one side of the bun to further reduce carb grams and calories.

- Avoid butter and margarine which can get those cholesterol levels soaring in a negative way.

- If the restaurant serves bread as an appetizer limit yourself to one serving.

Adding Bulk, Texture & Energy to Your Weight Loss Plan With Grains

Does your weight loss plan seem to lack energy these days? If so, take time to pause and review your daily menus.

If they are very restrictive in carbohydrate content while lacking food selections from all of the important Food Groups within the American Food Pyramid - then you should rethink your plan.

Carbs supply energy to the body as well as support vital functions within.

We'll touch more on this later in this article, but for now, let's take a look at the number of grams found in common foods.

How Many Grams in Our Favorite Staff of Life?

By viewing our data chart below for grains we readily see that one small three inch bagel - whether prepared using a water or an egg base contains about 31 carbohydrate grams. In comparison, one slice of white bread contains about one-third that amount.

Boston Brown Bread makes a much healthier choice over white and contains 20 grams. Let's highlight those containing the most carbohydrate grams:

Croissant: 27 g - and generally a lot of fatty acid content, too.
English Muffin: 1 small, 30 g
Rolls: Most dinner rolls contain in the neighborhood of 20 g.
Muffin, such as blueberry: 1 small contains about 17 g.

Take note that the total content is going to always depend upon the brand that you choose to put into your weight loss plan - along with the size of the food selection.

It's interesting to note that a sweet, fruit-filled muffin contains about one-third less caloric values than a small English Muffin which contains very little, if any, added sweetener.

In Summary

If you're on a carbohydrate-restricted fat-loss plan and you're starting to feel weak and out of energy - totally drained, then that's something that you should not ignore as the result could end-up being a trip to your local emergency room, then another trip to your local funeral home.

We are not a fan of fad diets - and those such as carb-restricted often exclude whole Food Groups from the eating plan.

The reason why it is so dangerous to play around with carbohydrates is because they are significantly involved in balancing the body's vital fluids and negative impacts of abuse can play havoc with the heart and kidneys in particular.

Thinking about going on a fat-loss plan of this nature? You will be hard pressed to find a health professional who will give you the thumb's up; if anything - they will recommend avoiding or limiting the simple carbs (pies, cakes, candy) and placing the focus on the complex (whole grains such as bread, cereals).

Carbs & Dietary Fiber in Breads, Gains

All of the following bread-based choices contain scant amounts of dietary fiber grams - about 1 gram.

Let's review the carbohydrate grams:

Bagels, egg and water based and about three inches round - 31 g
One biscuit - 13 g
Boston Brown Bread, one slice - 20 g
Bread Stick, one small - 20 g
Cornbread, 2 X 2 square - 13 g
Croissant, one small - 27 g
English Muffin, one small - 30 g
French Bread, one slice - 20 g
Pita Pocket Bread, one - 17 g
Popover, one small - 11 g
Pumpernickel Bread, one slice - 17 g
Raisin Bread, one slice - 14 g
Rolls, one small - 20 g
Rye Bread, one slice - 13 g
Sourdough Bread, one slice - 12 g
White Bread, one slice - 13 g
Whole Wheat, one slice - 14 g
Muffins, one small - 17 g

Of course, the recipe used in preparing these breads will impact these numbers in addition to calories, fats, cholesterol and dietary fiber content.


These little babies are so fun to eat with our Italian food and salads. Bread sticks come in all sorts of sizes - and all sorts of recipes. Some are coated with a healthy layer of Sesame seeds while others are infused with cheese. Bread stick can be very hard OR they may come soft and warm straight from the oven.

- A plain bread stick that is about 4" in length contains about 3.42 carb grams, 0.1 grams of dietary fiber and 21 calories.

- A plain bread stick that is about 7" -8" in length contains about 6.84 carb grams, 0.3 grams of dietary fiber and 41 calories.

- One cup of bread sticks broken into small pieces contains about 31.46 carb grams, 1.4 grams of dietary fiber and 190 calories.


When prepared with egg & milk: 33 carb grams per 2 1/2 Ounces


Cornbread serving suggestions: Enjoy one slice with a healthy serving of your favorite beans. Dried beans contain about 120 calories per 1/2 cup when cooked.

Our Cornbread Soup recipe is very low calorie and simple to prepare. Start with one or two large boxes of low fat chicken broth. Add 1 small can of drained sliced carrots, 1 small can of drained whole or sliced potatoes and 1 small can of drained green or wax beans.

Add cooked chicken cut into cubes or turkey if desired. Also add 1/2 cup of chopped onions that have been sauteed in a bit of extra virgin olive oil. Be sure to drain the oil off before adding to the soup pot. Add cracked pepper if desired and cook vegetables and meat until broth is bubbly-hot.

Spoon soup into serving bowl and crumble homemade or commercially prepared cornbread over the soup as you would crackers. Another serving suggestion is to purchase cornbread from your favorite restaurant. Even day-old cornbread works wonderfully well in our easy Cornbread Soup recipe.


Large Butter Croissant - 31 g

Medium - 26 g

Small - 9 g

Mini Butter Croissant - 6 g

Croissants tend to be very high in carbohydrates - just like most breads. Unfortunately, butter croissants aren't the best Grain Group choice. While high in carb grams they are also high in fat grams with the large croissant containing more fat grams than many cupcakes. Croissants do contain a bit of dietary fiber content and protein grams. One Large Butter Croissant contains 5.5 protein grams.

Cheese Croissants contain similar nutritional values of Butter Croissants. Apple Croissants make the best choice as they contain fewer calories and carb grams. In addition, the apple content provides more nutritional benefits. One medium Apple Croissant contains 145 calories, 4.22 protein grams, about 5 grams of fat (2.8 saturated fat grams, less than 1 gram of polyunsaturated fat and 1.4 monounsaturated fat grams), 21.15 carb grams and 1.4 grams of dietary fiber.

Let's take a look at the Fat Gram content of the Butter Croissant:

1 Large Butter Croissant contains 14.07 total fat grams. Almost 8 of the total fat grams are saturated fat grams with 3.7 being monounsaturated fat grams.

1 Medium Butter Croissant contains about 12 total fat grams. Almost 7 of the total fat grams are saturated fat grams with about 3 being monounsaturated fat grams.

1 Small Butter Croissant contains about 9 total fat grams. Almost 5 of the total fat grams are saturated fat grams with about 2 being monounsaturated fat grams.

1 Mini Butter Croissant contains 6 total fat grams. Almost 3 of the total fat grams are saturated fat grams with 1.5 being monounsaturated fat grams.

And then we have the Calorie Content Factor to deal with and this takes our Butter Croissant to a whole new naughty diet level:

Calories in 1 Large Butter Croissant - 272 kcals

Medium - 231 kcals

Small - 171 kcals

Mini Butter Croissant - 114 kcals

Be sure to get the thumb's up from your doctor before striking out on ANY diet plan. Fact is, most diets come with health risks. On the other flip-side of the diet coin, gaining weight comes with even greater health risks. Bottom Diet Line: Lose weight smartly, slowly, steadily for YOUR good health.


About 30 grams.


About 17 grams for corn, blueberry, plain, bran, apple, raisin, strawberry and banana muffins.



Pancakes - 9 g per ounce


Per 1 slice or serving:

Pita Pocket Bread - 21 g
Popover - 10 g

Raisin Bread - 14 g

Pumpernickel Bread - 17 g

Rye Bread - 13 g

Sourdough Bread - 12 g

Water Bagel - 31 g

White Bread - 13 g

Whole Wheat Bread - 14 g




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