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Carbohydrates in Popular Beverages

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbohydrates in Specific Carbonated Beverages, Popular Drinks

When it comes to balancing body weight, it's not so much the amount of carbs packed inside that spiffy beverage - rather the amount of added sugars.

In addition, sodas are commonly considered as beverages which contain 'empty' calories - meaning they are basically void in essential vitamins and minerals necessary to the human body for good health.

And then there is the fizzy water concerns. It serves to erode tooth enamel - and may be a top contributor to those popular 'gold grills' these days.

Let's look at a few carbonated beverages that many of us love to drink - but who don't like the negative side effects on our health.

We will also take a look at other favorite drinks and their carbohydrate gram content.

Grape juice cocktail contains about 100 carb grams in a frozen concentrate, undiluted form, based on 6 fluid ounces. Of course, we don't generally consume the entire can at one setting - but even so, very rich in carbs.

Orange juice is a bit higher for the same amount, registering 82 g.

One 16 fluid ounce chocolate shake purchased at your favorite fast food join contains almost 70 grams of carbs. Same with the vanilla variety.

Prune juice lovers will embrace a significant amount of carbs along with lots of gas.

One 12 fluid ounce serving of grape soda contains about 42 grams while the root beer choice contains 40 grams.

If you love cola based carbonated beverages, on average they hold 36 carb grams per 12 fluid ounces.

Carb Grams in Soda, Juice, Chocolate Milk, Shakes, Specialty Coffees

Sodas & Tea

Coca-Cola = 39 g while the diet version contains zero. This applies to most diet sodas as well as teas without additives.

Dr. Pepper OR Sprite - 37 g

Sweet Tea - 40 g


Banana Smoothie, 12 fluid ounces - 50 g

Strawberry Shake, 12 fluid ounces - 90 g

Chocolate OR Vanilla Shake, 12 fluid ounces - grams average close to 100 for both flavors.


Coffees without added ingredients [creamers, milk, coconut & other soy based milks, sugars] contain zero grams of carbs.

Iced Hazelnut OR Regular Iced Coffees, 32 fluid ounces - 50 g

Frappe - 65 g


Large Orange Juice, 21 fluid ounces - 34 g

Apple Juice 100%, 6.8 fluid ounces - 23 g

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