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Carbohydrates in Beer,
Alcoholic Beverages, Coffee, Tea

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Bring Out the Barrel & We'll Have a Lot of Carbohydrates

There are only a few beverages, including beer which contain dietary fiber grams - so the total carbohydrate gram content is going to remain about the same in the choice chosen.

Oddly enough, homemade cocoa does contain in the neighborhood of 10 grams depending upon which ingredients are part of the recipe.

Prune juice is no surprise where dietary fiber content is concerned; it holds 2.5 grams.

Tomato juice contains 1.5 grams as does carrot juice.

Other juices and nectars hold traces of dietary fiber, but the amount is not significant enough to impact carb grams.

While regular beers contain on average more than 10 grams of carbohydrates, homemade cocoa, malted milk, and numerous fruit juices contain more than three times this amount.

To Get Total Carb Content, Dietary Fiber Must be Subtracted

In our data charts the following beverage selections contain the highest number after dietary fiber is subtracted:

Cream Soda: 50 g
Prune Juice: 45 g
Orange Soda: 45 g

Root Beer: 40 g
Cola: 39 g
Lemon-Lime Soda: 38 g
Grape juice: 38 g
Papaya Nectar: 36.5 g
Cranberry Juice Cocktail: 36.5 g
Peach Nectar: 35 g
Pineapple Juice: 35 g

As to carbonated sodas, if the diet versions are chosen over the regular, the content of carbs decreases significantly along with the sugar grams and the calories associated with such. 

Liquids in Your Weight Loss Plan

Because regular soda and sweet juices along with beer, alcohol and other beverages in our eating plan hold at-times significant caloric content, they are often the culprit where weight gain issues are involved.

While a tall glass of dark chocolate milk is delicious, some brands contain enough calories to equal a substantial meal. And while trying to lose pounds, liquids aren't going to offer much in the way of satiety power in comparison to solid foods.

In Summary

Choose the beverages that accommodate your meal plates wisely, paying particular attention to the number of kcals contained therein - along with the carbohydrate gram content.

These work in tandem and where beverages are the subject, unless we're dealing with those which contain some type of dairy product as an ingredient (such as shakes and malts) then fat isn't the culprit - rather the sugar content, and these kcals can tally-up very quickly.

Carb Grams in Beer, Based on 12 oz

Budweiser, Regular - 11 g

Michelob, Ultra - 3 g

Bud Light - 7 g

Carb Grams in Alcoholic Drinks, Spirits, Based on 1 Jigger

Whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, wines - and the list goes on. Most are carb-free as well as fiber free.

Carbohydrates in Popular Drinks

Club Soda - 0 g

Cocoa - 30 grams plus 4 grams of dietary fiber

Coffee - 1 g

Eggnog, whole not light - 17 g

Malted Milk - 28 g

Tea, regular and herbal based - half a gram

Sports Drinks - 15 g

And of course, one of your smartest hydrating choices is water with zero calories, carbs and fat.


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