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Carbohydrates in Alcoholic Drinks
& Beverages

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Carbs in Alcoholic Drinks

There are quite a few of these jewels laced within popular spirits. Consideration should be given when one is attempting to drop pounds.

Another negative of alcoholic drinks: they are loaded with empty calories, meaning they provide zero nutrition to the body.

And of course, they reek doom and gloom on the liver.

Addictive Properties of Alcohol

While alcohol is generally fine for many individuals when enjoyed in moderation (responsibly), considering the amount of carbohydrates as well as the caloric values of such tiny serving sizes makes these types of beverages less than favorable for dieters.

Opting for Lower Calorie Beverages While Dieting

While attending parties and other functions where alcohol is commonly served, rather than reaching for a drink which will add empty calories to your weight loss plan, how about settling for a diet ginger ale or a reduced calorie lemon lime soda instead?

Or, what about tonic water? Seltzer? Or club soda?

Seltzer water is often the star in our home. It contains zero kcals and carbohydrates - and has that nice fizzy zing. Most of the time we fill our glasses with 2/3 seltzer and add 1/3 real fruit juice.

If it's lacking in sweetness, a half or whole teaspoon of table sugar does the trick - and there's a perk as it adds a foamy top when stirred with a spoon before serving.

In addition, it's a healthy drink, particularly when pitted against the following beverages.

In Summary

Sadly, the youth are impacted more than any other age group where spirits are concerned. Reasons include:

- The high that alcohol brings to the mind - an escape from reality and a ticket to Paradise, albeit limited time.

- The desire to partake in adult things. Trouble is, things can get out of hand quickly when control goes out the window.

- They may find humor or adrenalin high if they are breaking into the parent's liquor cabinet.

Who knows the mind of the youth? At least, some youth. And the sad thing is....young people who get hooked on alcohol develop a dependency. There is nothing sadder to see someone you love die from an uncontrollable habit - whether it stems from booze, other drugs or overeating.

Carb Grams in Alcoholic Beverages, Mixed Drinks & Spirits

Beer, Regular, 12 fluid oz = 5.81 g

Daiquiri, 7 oz = 33 g

Cooking Wine, 1 Tablespoon = 1/2 g

Sake, 1 fl oz = 2 g

Pina Colada, 7 fl oz = 62 g

Wine, Red Table, 5 fl oz = 4 g

Tequila Sunrise, 7 fl oz = 24 g

Whiskey Sour, 6 fl oz = 28 g

Creme de Menthe, 72 Proof, 1.5 fl oz = 21 g

Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 fl oz = 4 g

Zinfandel, red, per oz = 1 g

Burgundy, red, 5 fl oz = 6 g

Merlot, red, per oz = 1 g

Coffee Liquor, 63% Proof

Malt Beverage, per cup = 17 g

Chardonnay, white, 5 fl oz = 3 g


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