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Fastest Way to Lose Weight
Includes How to Lose 10 Pounds Quick

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Quick Weight Loss vs Sensible Weight Loss

How did you gain weight? Quickly or over time? Most individuals gain excess pounds over a period of time rather than overnight - or in a few weeks. And gaining weight is so much easier - and quicker than losing it.

We're simply unable to perform the amount of activity necessary to burn off considerable amounts of stored energy in short bursts of time.

For example, in order to lose two pounds per week, an individual must decrease their current daily diet by 500 calories for a total of 3500 calories during the week. A 3500 calorie decrease would generate about one pound of true stored fat loss.

True fat loss? That's the key!

Fast weight loss generally equals weight that is lost via water, precious fluids or muscle. In order to achieve true fat loss, the body requires time.

Think about weight loss as you would going on a trip. If you're traveling 100 miles, if you travel at the fastest speed that your vehicle will allow, you'll get there faster - but will get their safely?

Speed increases risks for accidents substantially. The same applies to losing weight. The faster we try to lose the stored fat, the more taxing on the body. And it does have a breaking point.

About Fad Diet Plans & True Weight Loss

That's why these fad weight loss plans which promise to generate quick rates of lost pounds are so ridiculous. Sure - the body will drop pounds on a low carbohydrate diet but the weight that is lost at the beginning of the plan is simply an illusion.

This is because carbs act like a sponge; they hold water in the body - and of course, water weighs quite heavily.

Once carbs are reintroduced to the body, that lost water weight quickly returns.

Fad diet plans also place the human body at great risk for damage, at times, permanent damage.

Fastest Weight Loss Not the Healthiest Mode, Generally Ineffective for Permanent Results

If you want to lose the stored excess energy, grab onto your willpower along with your patience. You'll need both of these elements as you diet in order to keep you motivated and focused.

Keep in mind that quick-weight loss schemes rarely last. The post dieter generally returns to their former eating plan and the weight gain cycle starts all over again.

I know. Most dieters promise that they will never regain the weight - but when one has an eating addiction, promises are made to be broken in most cases.

In Summary

Losing excess pounds slowly will render true fat loss, allowing the body time to process all the healthy changes.

In order to keep the lost weight off forever, the individual must be willing to make a life change. This life change involves a healthy daily diet, healthy snacks and beverage choices, a moderate activity routine and adequate relaxation so that the body can revitalize.

Fastest Way to Lose 10 Pounds

Tips for Losing 10 Pounds Fast & Safely

1. Eat three meals per day [breakfast, lunch, dinner] and two snacks.

2. At meal time, limit helping to one. At snack time, opt for a fresh fruit selection.

3. Use 1/2 the amount of fats that you are currently adding to your foods. For example, if you use a Tablespoon of margarine on your baked potato, trim back to 1/2 that amount. Fats add considerable amounts of calories to the daily diet. All contain about 120 calories per Tablespoon and it doesn't take long for the calories to pile up.

4. Switch out your current regular dairy products for the skinnier reduced fat options. If you can't tolerate the texture and flavor of reduced fat dairy foods, try cutting back 1/4 of your regular serving size from the full-fat products.

5. Replace chips with raw fruits and vegetables. If you can't live without that salty crunch, enjoy a serving of pretzels. Take note that darken baked or toasted foods such as pretzels contain high amounts of acrylamides which have been linked to cancer. For every positive - there is a negative.

6. Build your meal plate upon the 5 Basic Food Groups: Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins and Dairy selections. Keep in mind that the body processes the foods and beverages that we consume based on chain reactions; if we lack one vitamin or mineral in our daily diet - weight loss can be hampered. That's why it's important to get a well-rounded healthy diet.

7. Trade out high calorie salad dressings for balsamic vinegar. It contains only 5 calories per serving; it's tasty and will assist you in losing those 10 unwanted pounds - fast.

8. Monitor the amounts of sauces, dips and condiments that you use. Trade out the higher calorie products for skinnier versions. For example, rather than full-blown Mayo, what about spicy mustard?

9. Beverages generally contribute to excess pounds and little nutrition. Opt for water when you can or 100% fruit or vegetable juice. Limit the amount of specialty creamers and sugar that you use in your coffee and tea. At 35-40 calories per serving, the calories add up quickly.

10. If you are capable, walk half an hour daily. You can travel about 5,000 steps in that amount of time and you'll burn about 210 calories if you currently weigh 150 pounds. If you weigh 175 pounds you'll burn about 230 calories and if you weight 250 pounds, you'll burn about 325 calories.

How Long Will It Take to Lose 10 Pounds?

Because you are not significantly overweight that means that you aren't currently going overboard in your daily diet. You may be consuming about 100 calories more than you should - which has become stored for future energy needs in the fat cells of your body.

By making a few adjustments - as I've suggested above, it may require a couple of months before those 10 pounds are lost. Be patient, make wise choices and the excess weight will go away.

How Much Should I Exercise?

The Amount of Daily or Weekly Exercise Dependents Upon Personal Health Factors

Some health professionals recommended exercising every other day for a specific amount of time while others recommend daily activity. The idea behind the 'every other day' mode is based on allowing the body to rest in-between activity.

Nonetheless, whatever mode you choose to use - in order to lose the excess body fat OR to keep fit and manage current weight, there are several personal identifying factors that will play into the specific amount of exercise that your body requires for optimum health.

Current Recommendation for Exercise

It's currently advised that we exercise 1 hours daily. In my opinion, that's simply too aggressive. In addition, this steep value is going to cause some individuals to quit before they start because the goal is set too high. I say - exercise based on how you feel. Even walking 10-15 minutes per day can contribute to a healthier body. If you're capable of walking more - then all the better!

1/2 Hour Daily

You can walk about 5,000 Steps in this amount of time, but even so - you won't be considered at an active state until you've walked about 12,500 steps. Even so, this is an excellent starting point should your doctor approve, based on your current endurance level.

1 Hour

If you walk for one hour, you'll about double the distance traveled. You'll also burn about twice the number of calories.

In addition, the more you weigh - as well as the younger you are, the more calories that will be burned.

1 Hour, 15 Minutes

If you set this as your goal you'll likely travel about 12,000 Steps which will place you into the active category - based on professional statistics and findings.

This is quite a distance to walk, so be sure you're up to it before setting out.

Current State of Health

Your current state of health is the most important factor to the amount of exercise your body requires. If you are in tip-top shape, you have already defined the amount of work required to remain at your healthy state. If you have existing health conditions, this will impact the amount of activity that your doctor will want you to perform.

On the other hand, if you've been couch-potato-ing for quite some time now, you'll most likely find it more beneficial to your health to be concerned about reacquainting yourself with Mister Activity rather than the amount of time you should exercise.

Endurance Level & Exercise Time

Endurance level matters too. If you've been in a vegetative or low activity impact stage of life, you'll want to start out slow. Try walking for a few minutes. Pay close attention to how your body responds to activity. Is your heart beating out of your body? If so, it's past-time to stop. You are doing your body more harm than good at this stage.

My Daily Recommendation for Exercise

I'm a senior citizen at this point. I was in my 40's when I lost over 100 excess pounds - so my oh my, how time flies. At this stage, it's not so much the distance traveled - or the type of activity performed, rather my state of wellness.

For older individuals - for all healthy adults, I strongly recommend that they set a daily goal. Or, a weekly goal if they are doing the 'every other day' mode. At this point, I try to walk a mile each day in addition to the amount I walk and move about performing daily functions - such as housecleaning, laundry and other tasks.

If I miss a day I don't try to make up for the lost time. I never want to get to the point to where exercise controls my life. Rarely does an individual stick with something they 'must' do.

Even celebrities who lifted weights and who had beautiful bodies gave up the weights at some point. Age has a way of erasing our youth.

We can either go forward with grace and wrinkles or kill ourselves trying to stay young. And I've yet to meet anyone who stayed young forever without dying.

Therefore, my daily recommendation for exercise is to set that goal based on steps walked, and if you start to tire OR if you're not feeling well, stop. Exercise can also be unhealthy when we do such unwisely.


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