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How to Fight Weight Gain

Article by Diet Bites


The Weight Loss Battle Begins

You're beginning the first leg of your journey to a healthier you. Before you strike out, take a moment to reflect on why you decided to lose the excess fat.

This is one of the best tools for success and can continue to be a motivating factor as time passes while you are on your reduction plan.

Common reasons for losing include:

- Inspiration upon seeing celebrities or people who the individual may respect who are at their recommended size OR who have recently lost excess weight.

- An upcoming event where the individual wants to be slimmer.

- Health concerns.

Using Tools You Currently Possess

Think about losing those excess pounds in this manner. Imagine a large arena - much like a boxing or wrestling arena. Inside the ropes of the arena reside your most formidable foes - those which have prevented you from losing in the past, and those who work to assist in weight gain.

Examples of these foes include hunger, appetite, cravings, desired flavors and textures of foods and beverages, desirable appearance of foods which increase temptation - and wonderful scentsof foods which make you want to taste them and enjoy more.

These are the foes that you'll be facing - that you'll be attempting to conquer. They are strong and much of the time, unbeatable. But they can be conquered.

And the great news is that you don't need special tools, books or machines in order to accomplish such. You already possess the most valuable tools. These include patience, willpower, and logic.

Putting Patience, Willpower & Logic Into Effective Action

Example 1: Jane needs to lose 100 pounds. She didn't gain the weight all at once - just little by little. Holidays, special occasions, birthday and vacation celebrations, not having time to properly plan her meals, a lack of physical activity due to a desk job, and her love for Italian and Mexican meals topped with lots of cheese took her towards an unhealthy plane.

A yearly visit to her doctor clarifies the health issues she has been experiencing recently. Her symptoms included: tiredness, lack of energy, inability to sleep and pounding headaches. High blood pressure was confirmed along with high cholesterol issues. In addition, her doctor warned that if she doesn't drop the excess fat, she has the precursor to diabetes and heart disease.


Let's see how Jane conquered her obesity and went on to achieve her recommended weight.


Although Jane loves the flavors of food and enjoys eating and drinking as much as she wants throughout her day, the end of this unhealthy habit has come to a close. She realizes that she must trim back her daily calories - that she should be more active and because of her willpower, she intends to do exactly that.


This step involves making smarter dietary choices. While soda tastes great, Jane opts for an unsweetened tea. She misses the flavor of her soda but she doesn't miss the pounds she drops due to healthier choices.

Rather than her banana crème pie for dessert, she opts for a fresh banana. Rather than pancakes drowned with full-blown syrup with a side of sausage for breakfast, opting for a serving of whole grain cereal makes a much smarter choice.

As to her Italian and Mexican cravings, she finds many selections in her market's freezer section with the calories defined on the nutrition label. No, they aren't as tasty as her favorite restaurant, but they are significantly lower in fat and calorie content.


Jane realizes that it's going to require time for losing the excess.

In Summary

While losing those excess pounds appears to be a simple process, it is perhaps the most challenging situation that the individual will face in their lifetime. I speak from the voice of experience having lost more than half my body weight almost two decades ago. Achieving permanent weight loss success is indeed a very rewarding thing - and not only in one's appearance, but also in what one can't see - the interior of the human body. I know that my heart beats freer without all those wads of fat strangling it - literally into an early grave.

If you're struggling with excess fat - isn't it time to start your journey? Losing as little as 5% of the excess can render impressive results in the area of health.


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