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Calories in Papa John's Pizza
Per Pie & Slice

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By the Pizza - 14" Pie

Cheese Pizza, Original Crust contains 2,439 calories.

Cheese Pizza, Thin Crust contains 2,000 calories.

Pepperoni Pizza, Original Crust contains 2,808 calories.

'The Works' Pizza, Original Crust contains 2,623 calories.


By the Slice - 14" Pizza

Cheese Pizza, Original Crust contains 304 kcals.

Cheese Pizza, Thin Crust contains 257 kcals.

Pepperoni, Original Crust contains 338 kcals.

'The Works', Original Crust contains 367 kcals.

Smart Dining Tips - Are you frequently faced with dining out amid the chips and salsa, and baskets of piping hot bread?

Most sit-down restaurants have the tastiest treats to munch on while waiting for the entree to arrive. Although tasty, those pre-meal treats often contain more calories than the entree.

Chips weigh in heavily with about 150 calories per 15 chips. If there is ranch dressing on the table for dipping purposes, add another 140 calories minimum per Tablespoon. Bread isn't much better, especially when The Butter Factor enters the picture. And just thinking about garlic cheese bread may stimulate a five-pound weight gain!

The solutions to help you avoid weight gain while dining out?

* Send back the bread basket, the chip baskets and the container of unshelled peanuts OR, see how much salsa you can fit on one chip and limit your chips to 15.

Count them out before you dive in. As a note, you can enjoy all the salsa you want as it's extra low in calories and contains zero fat.

* Rather than eating chips, enjoy 4 warm CORN tortillas (about 200 calories) OR 2 flour tortillas (about 200 calories)  spread with salsa OR a smidgen of butter.  

* Ask your waiter for a tray of raw veggies and a low calorie dressing OR a bowl of soup OR a side salad with light dressing rather than eating the higher calorie, high fat offerings.


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