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Calories in Chives Per Serving

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Caloric Values, Single Serving

One Tablespoon of chopped chives fresh out of the garden contains a skinny one calorie.

For this single kcal - a dieter can add a lot of flavoring to their baked potato, casserole or other low calorie recipes.

Health & Nutrition Notes for Chives

Surprisingly, there is a splash of protein found in the serving size along with dietary fiber, iron, magnesium and phosphorus notes. There is also a tab of zinc and potassium.

But the area of nutrition which stands out the most where chives are the star of the meal plate is the Vitamin C content. That single Tablespoon contains almost 2 milligrams of such.

Nutrition Information for Chives, Raw

Vitamins, Minerals


1 Tablespoon Chopped, Raw

Energy Values kcal 1
Protein g 0.10
Total lipid (fat) g 0.02
Carbohydrate, by difference g 0.13
Fiber, total dietary g 0.1
Calcium, Ca mg 3
Iron, Fe mg 0.05
Magnesium, Mg mg 1
Phosphorus, P mg 2
Potassium, K mg 9
Sodium, Na mg 0
Zinc, Zn mg 0.02
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 1.7


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