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 Calories In Pizza

Written by Diet Bites


Can pizza be a part of a healthy diet?  

You bet your sweet bippy!

Think about it; the base consists of a healthy grain crust which is often dusted on the bottom with whole grain cornmeal. The sauce is loaded with vegetables - albeit tomatoes actually reside in the Fruit Group, botanically speaking.

Whether we add lean meat toppings or a whole lot of vegetables to our pie, this isn't the most unhealthy food on the planet.

Additives High in Fat and Calories Can Spoil the Pizza Pie for Dieters

What makes it notorious? The cheese; it's mined with dietary fat grams but when slices are limited, it often is no worse than other main entrees.

Another area to watch is the old pepperoni and other fattier meat choices.

Though it depends on what type that you purchase, the following guide provides a pretty good idea of just how many calories that slice will cost you.  

All calories are calculated 'per slice' below.  Basically, if you order 'regular crust' add 60 calories per slice.  If you order 'pan pizza' add 120 calories per slice. Each Italian pie should yield 8 slices.

Keep in mind that the thicker the crust, the higher the cheese, the more meat that is piled on, and the increase in olives ups those calories in a big 'weigh'.

Calories in Restaurant Pizza Per Slice

Important Note: Be sure to count the calories as part of your diet.

Keep in mind that the thicker the crust, the higher the cheese, the more meat that is piled on, and the increase in olives ups those calories in a big weigh.  Or is that way?

Type of Pizza

Calories, Kcals Per Slice Unless Noted Otherwise

Thin Crust






Meat-Piled High Pizza


Veggie Style


Spinach Alfredo


Frozen Pizza


Digorno Cheese Pizza & Stuffed Crust

1920 per 12" Pizza Pie

Calories in Restaurant Pizza  

Domino's 14" Cheese Pizza Thin Crust


Domino's 14" Cheese Pizza Ultimate Deep Dish Crust


Domino's 14" Pepperoni Pizza Ultimate Deep Dish Crust


Little Caesar's 14" Cheese Pizza Deep Dish Crust


Little Caesar's 14" Cheese Pizza Thin Crust


Papa John's 14" Cheese Pizza Original Crust


Papa John's 14" Cheese Pizza Thin Crust


Papa John's 14" Cheese Pizza Original Crust


Papa John's 14" Pepperoni Pizza Original Crust


Papa John's 14" The Works, Original Crust


Pizza Hut 12" Cheese, Regular Crust


Pizza Hut 12" Cheese, Thick Crust


Pizza Hut 12" Cheese, Thin 'n Crispy Crust


Pizza Hut 12" Pepperoni, Thick Crust


Diet Recipe for Garlic Toast

Do you enjoy the garlic experience but don't want to experience all the calories in your garlic toast?  Then we've got a diet friendly recipe that is quick and tasty just for you!

Spray 1 slice of bread with no calorie butter spray OR butter flavored non stick cooking spray. Sprinkle with garlic salt. Pop into the toaster until golden brown.

Caloric Content of Diet Garlic Toast

Just look at your bread package to determine the calories in the slice of bread that you used and that will be the total calories. The salt as well as the butter spray are so nominal in values that they are considered free foods when used per serving recommendation on the nutritional labeling.

Calorie Index  | Weight Loss Photos: Before & After  |  What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound


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