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Calories In Chocolate

Written by Diet Bites

Dieting Perk, Dark Chocolate Rich in Heart-Healthy Benefits

Recently, the benefits of incorporating chocolate into the daily diet to achieve health benefits were in the news - health news at that! That's very good news for those of us who are Chocolate Lovers.  I've always thought that chocolate should be one of the Seven Basic Food Groups myself.  

Take heed though, for not all chocolates are created equal when connected to a healthy diet.  The Chocolate Buzz is that researchers connected DARK chocolate to the ability to raise antioxidant levels in the bloodstream.  

Milk chocolate and white chocolate are still on the Evaluation Block in regards to health benefits.

Another experiment indicated that dark chocolate lowered blood pressure pointing to cocoa flavonoids which create a reduction in blood-clotting and decrease LDL - the bad cholesterol in the body.

Though chocolate contains a good bit of fat, when used in moderation it may have a positive effect on your health. But of course, the 'Health Jury' is still out!  

In the meantime, here are some Chocolate Calorie Counts

Hershey's Chocolate Bar , 210

Hershey's Chocolate Bar With Almonds, 230

Little Debbie Chocolate Brownie With Nuts, 270

Nestle's Crunch Bar, 230

1 Hershey's Chocolate Kiss, 25

1-1 inch square of chocolate with nuts, 90

Threading Health Into Your Weight Loss Plan

As with all foods and beverages, you have to think before you leap because once you've placed that certain something into your mouth, then swallowed - it's too late to take your choice back.

But here is the kicker - and it's a bothersome one. When we're feeling hungry it's double difficult to pause before making a wise choice. Unless you're a Veggie Lover, you're going to be more apt to grab one of your favorite candy bars over an assortment of baby carrots, celery sticks and thinly sliced cucumber.

Sure, the later is eons best for the human body, but we can't neglect the human spirit. If we go though life dreading and feeling guilty about each and every thing that we place into our body - then what fun is that?

Where is the happy spirit of life - of living it to the fullest. And by the term 'fullest' that's not to say that we should gorge and binge until we're the fullest we can be.

We see people passing over that colorful rainbow in the sky each and every day. Some are quite young; we've lost so many young people in our own family and it's difficult to understand. When one is old, it's expected. But here is the thing; some that pass have been overweight and have overeaten their entire life - yet they may live to 100 or more years old. Others who have watched their diet like a hawk may pass of a massive heart attack in their early years.

So yes - our daily diet plays a big role in our health and longevity, but nothing is guaranteed. So enjoy, using the steadfast Rule of Dieting: In Moderation.

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Dark Chocolate

(45-59% cacao solids 90%; 60-69% cacao solids 5%; 70-85% cacao solids 5%)

Nutritional Elements


100 g

1 Ounce

1 Bar

Energy, Calories kcal 550 156 698
Protein g 5.09 1.44 6.46
Total lipid (fat) g 32.20 9.13 40.89
Carbohydrates g 59.97 17.00 76.16
Fiber, total dietary g 7.2 2.0 9.1
Sugars, total g 46.14 13.08 58.60
Calcium, Ca mg 57 16 72
Iron, Fe mg 8.13 2.30 10.33
Magnesium, Mg mg 152 43 193
Phosphorus, P mg 214 61 272
Potassium, K mg 568 161 721
Sodium, Na mg 23 7 29
Zinc, Zn mg 2.11 0.60 2.68
Vitamin C mg 0.0 0.0 0.0
Thiamin mg 0.026 0.007 0.033
Riboflavin mg 0.051 0.014 0.065
Niacin mg 0.747 0.212 0.949
Vitamin B-6 mg 0.041 0.012 0.052
Folate, DFE g 0 0 0
Vitamin B-12 g 0.23 0.07 0.29
Vitamin A, RAE g 2 1 3
Vitamin A, IU IU 49 14 62
Vitamin E mg 0.55 0.16 0.70
Vitamin K g 8.0 2.3 10.2
Saturated Fat g 18.993 5.385 24.121
Monounsaturated Fat g 9.801 2.779 12.447
Polyunsaturated Fat g 1.107 0.314 1.406
Trans Fat g 0.106 0.030 0.135
Cholesterol mg 7 2 9

What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound


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