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Counting Calories in Turkey

Written by Diet Bites

Lean Turkey Over Red Meat a Healthier Choice

When dieting AND even when not, opt for lean turkey over red meat and you'll be filling up with less fat which in turn equals less calories.

Turkey is an excellent source of protein and goes well in salads, stir fries, soups and sandwiches.

Many restaurants are serving up turkey these days - from a healthier turkey chili to turkey enchiladas. A restaurant in our area serves up excellent 'healthy turkey fajitas' which are absolutely delicious!  

Who says that a diet has to be boring and unfun?  Now, let's talk Diet Turkey....

An Anytime of the Year Lean Protein Selection

- Turkey isn't just for the holidays! Roasted turkey is great any time of the year whether prepared in the oven, pan-roasted or on the grill.

- While gobbling on lean turkey can assist your weight loss plan, gobbling on turkey fat might just blow off all of your Diet Feathers. One cup of turkey fat contains 1,845 calories. One Tablespoon of turkey fat contains 115 calories. And one tiny teaspoon of turkey fat contains 39 calories.

- As to ground turkey calories, 100 grams of 85% lean and 15% fat contains 180 calories and 3.41 saturated fat grams - and 12.54 total fat grams. How does that compare to ground beef which contains the same fat-to-lean ratio? 100 grams of ground beef that is 85% lean and 15% fat contains 215 calories - close to the ground turkey calories.

Distribution of Fats

Where the difference stands out is in the area of fat grams. While the ground turkey contains 3.41 saturated fat grams the ground beef contains 5.87 fat grams. For 100 grams of ground beef with 85% lean and 15% fat content, total fat grams equal 15.00 grams in comparison to the 12.54 total fat grams.

Ground turkey that is 93% lean and 7% fat contains 150 calories per serving, 2.17 saturated fat grams and 8.34 total fat grams. One ounce of turkey bacon, cooked - contains 107 calories per ounce.

Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are all the rage these days but beware that battered turkey patties may contain more calories than a hamburger patty. One turkey patty that is 3.33 ounces and is battered and fried contains 266 calories.

One broiled 3 ounce standard hamburger patty contains 251 calories. If the ground beef patty is 95% lean and 5% fat it contains 116 calories.

This is just one example why the dieter has to pay very close attention to the menu choices and think wisely. If the food is battered, then it's more likely to contain higher calories than the non-fried version.

Calories in Turkey

3 Ounce Serving

Nutrition Notes

Calories, Kcals

Dark Turkey Meat All of these choices are excellent sources for protein. The gizzards contain good amounts of zinc and B-Vitamins while the liver is a good source for Vitamin A, folate, zinc and riboflavin. 159
Turkey Gizzards 139
Turkey Liver 144
Turkey Breast 133

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