Calories In Pork

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The 'other' white meat!  When dieting, you need to ensure that you take in good sources of protein to prevent loss of muscle mass.   

You'll achieve maximum nutrition benefits by draining your pork, cooking thoroughly, storing properly, and by avoiding frying and adding additional high-calorie/high fat sauces.  

Be sure to add rich sources of fiber to your diet to help boost your fight against cancer.

Bacon - 3 medium slices = 109 kcals

Filled with nitrates, sodium and fat but also contains a surprising amount of vitamin C.  Microwave to zap fat, then drain well.  Paper towels work nicely to blot out oils.

Though bacon isn't the healthiest goody on the planet, I certainly don't count it out of my diet.

It's very filling, very low in calories for what it is, and extremely tasty.  

Furthermore, a small potato topped with 1 slice of crumbled bacon, some REAL sour cream, a teaspoon of grated cheese, chives and pepper is quite filling for WELL under 200 calories.

Canadian Bacon - 3 medium slices = 86 kcals

Good alternative to standard bacon but remains hefty in sodium and nitrates.  

If you are taking a MAO inhibitor, take care with Canadian Bacon as it sometimes contains tyramine that can skyrocket blood pressure when mixed with a MAO.

Ham - 3 oz, boneless = 140 kcals

High sodium content; nitrates.  Individuals on a MAO should consult with doctor before eating ham as it contains tyramine. Fairly low in calories and fat content.

Cook thoroughly before eating.

Pork Liver - 3 ounces = 140 kcals

Vitamin A, B-12, iron, riboflavin, folate.  

Extremely high in cholesterol. Liver in the live product captures hormones. Also contains purines, so people with gout should avoid. May also trigger migraines.

Picnic Shoulder Ham - 3 ounces, lean only = 194 kcals

Good source of protein, thiamine, B vitamins. Contains purines - so avoid if you have gout. May trigger migraines.

Pickled Pig's Feet - 3 ounces = 173 kcals

Extreme sodium, high cholesterol, nitrates. May trigger headaches.

Pork Spareribs - 3 ounces, lean only, no sauces = 337 kcals

Contains a lot of fat, purines (gout sufferers should avoid) and may trigger migraines.

Tenderlion - 3 ounces, lean only = 141 kcals

Good source of protein, B vitamins.  

Again, this also contains purines and may trigger migraines.  Cook thoroughly.

Overall, a good meat source for dieters.


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