Calories In Chicken, Duck & Goose

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

When dieting, you need to ensure that you take in good sources of protein to prevent loss of muscle mass.

Chicken makes a far better choice than red meat because it is lower in fat and cholesterol.  

You'll achieve maximum nutrition benefits by draining your chicken, by cooking it thoroughly, by storing properly, and by avoiding frying and adding additional high-calorie/high fat sauces.  Be sure to add rich sources of fiber to your diet to help boost your fight against cancer.

The following nutritional data is based on three ounces of roasted meat unless otherwise noted.

Chicken, Duck & Goose Calories


Protein, B vitamins, heme iron.  Due to high purine count, avoid if you suffer from gout. 195 kcals

Chicken Breast

Protein, B vitamins which boost memory capabilities.  Remove skin which contains most of the fat. 142 kcals

Chicken Drumsticks, two

Protein, niacin.  Remove skin which contains most of the fat. 151 kcals

Chicken Giblets

B vitamins, heme iron.  Very high in cholesterol; individuals with gout should avoid as giblets are high in purines. 133 kcals

Chicken Gizzards

B vitamins, folate, niacin, riboflavin, zinc.  Eat with whole grains and dried beans to boost absorption of nonheme iron. 130 kcals

Chicken Legs (thigh + drumstick)

Protein, B vitamins, niacin, heme iron, zinc.  Roast and remove fatty skin. 181 kcals

Chicken Livers

Excellent source of vitamin A, B-12, folate, heme iron and zinc.  However, extremely high in cholesterol.  In addition, liver accumulates hormones/chemicals from the live chicken.

Contains tyramine so should be avoided by individuals taking MAO inhibitors as it could trigger dangerous blood pressure levels. 133 kcals

Chicken Thighs, 1

Fat in the thigh is mostly unsaturated.  Cook thoroughly and remove fatty skin. 109 kcals

Chicken Wings, 4 skinless

Rich in niacin and vitamin B-12.  High in purines so should be eaten sparingly by those suffering from gout. 171 kcals


Heme iron, B vitamins and niacin.  Fattier than chicken and turkey.  Remove skin before eating.  Contains purines; eat sparingly if you suffer from gout. 171 kcals


B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, potassium; high in fat content.  Remove skin. 202 kcals




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