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Tattoo Kits Linked to Infections
Consumer Health Warning

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Are Tattoos Safe?

Unfortunately, getting a tattoo is accompanied with health risks - at times, significant risks. The FDA has performed tests on the inks used in home-use tattoo kits which are marketed by White and Blue Lion, Inc. and confirmed bacterial contamination occurred in the unopened bottles of the inks.

The use of the contaminated inks for tattoos poses risk of infection.

The FDA reports one confirmed case of skin infection which involved the use of a White and Blue Lion, Inc. contaminated product.

Take note that this is not the only company which poses risk of infection as the FDA is also aware of health issues related to tattoo products bearing similar packaging.

Risks From Home-Use Tattoo Kits Can Be Severe

If you have a pre-existing heart or circulatory disease, diabetes or a compromised immune system you are at a particularly high risk for experiencing infection from contaminated Home-Use Tattoo Kits.

Injecting the contaminated ink directly into the skin - or use of contaminated needles used to create the tattoo may result in infection at the site of the tattoo.

Symptoms & Side Effects of Infection Related to Tattoo

 - Redness

- Swelling

- Weeping Wound[s]

- blemishes

- excessive pain at site of tattoo

The FDA instructs consumers to seek medical assistance quickly if symptoms and side effects develop after tattooing.

If the infection goes untreated - or if it is not treated adequately, it could spread throughout the bloodstream with the individual developing sepsis - a life threatening condition. Symptoms of sepsis include:

- fever

- shaking chills [rigors]

- sweating

If infection develops it may require antibiotics, hospitalization or surgery to remedy. In addition, a localized infection can leave the skin permanently scarred even after the skin has healed.

Contaminated Products Recalled but Risks Remain

On July 11, 2014, White and Blue Lion, Inc. recalled the contaminated products. However, the FDA is concerned that consumers - in addition to professional tattoo artists may purchase and use the contaminated tattoo kids - and inks from other distributors.

To identify products that should not be used the FDA advises consumers to watch for inks intended for permanent makeup or traditional body tattoos which:

- exhibit no brand name or which carry a dragon logo, and/or which are missing the place and name of the business of the manufacturer or distributor of the product;

- are sold singly in kits containing 5 to 54+ bottles of inks in varying colors, and

- are marked with 'Lotch' [sic] and Batch numbers, and 'Date produced' and 'Best if used by' dates.

When purchasing inks from a professional tattoo artist, the inks or kits should first be examined to see if they meet the above descriptions. If you have further questions or concerned the FDA encourages that you contact them.


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